Honoring the Life of the “Godfather of Soap,” Luis Spitz

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It is with a heavy heart that Clean the World shares the passing of Luis Spitz, 88, lovingly known as the “Godfather of Soap.” Luis, alongside his beloved wife and best friend of 61 years, Fortuna, dedicated their lives to the development, production, historical preservation, and global advancement of soap and hygiene products. Together, Luis and Fortuna amassed the largest known antique collection of soap and cleaning product items in the world and graciously donated a significant portion to The WASH Foundation and Clean the World, which we proudly display in our Soap Story Museum in Orlando, Florida.

Luis’ life was not without trials, yet he approached life with such compassion and kindness, tirelessly working to improve the lives of others. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Luis survived the Holocaust by being hidden in a cellar with his family by Christian friends. In the years after the Holocaust, he moved from Hungary to Venezuela to eventually the U.S. to study chemical engineering. In the 1960s, he entered the soap industry, going on to become an expert in his field, organizing several conferences and writing 5 influential soap textbooks.

Luis lived many lives during his time, from being a Holocaust survivor, engineer, and author to a philanthropist, husband, and friend. He was a beloved, cherished individual who cared deeply for others, and we will miss him greatly. 

At Clean the World, we are privileged to have known Luis and will continue to uphold his legacy by sharing his and Fortuna’s remarkable story for years to come.

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