Making Our Impact Dashboard Work for You

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Our Impact Dashboard is an invaluable resource for our partners participating in the Hospitality Recycling Program.  Partners can access the Impact Dashboard to get a detailed view of their social and environmental impact over time based on their participation in the program.  They can set internal sustainability goals, track progress, and report their contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to their stakeholders as well as customers.  Our Impact Dashboard illustrates partners’ performance across 9 of the 17 United Nations’ SDGs, serving as a source of statistics for their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports, customer-facing communication, annual reports, and other marketing campaigns. 

A recent Expedia Group Media Solutions’ Sustainable Travel Study revealed that 90% of travelers seek out service providers that practice sustainability. The study found that 69% of consumers view sustainable travel as “lessening environmental impacts”; 66% see it as “supporting local economies;” and 65% see it as “supporting local cultures and communities.” And 50% of consumers said they would opt to spend more on transportation, activities, and lodging if the choice was more sustainable. 

Our Impact Dashboard provides impact numbers for our hospitality partners to share with their eco-conscious and socially conscious travelers.  Some of the metrics include waste diverted from landfills; gallons of water saved; recycled soap bars generated from the donated used soaps; and carbon footprint reduction. 

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Waikiki Beach Walk has been part of our Hospitality Recycling Program since 2016.  The Impact Dashboard metrics for 2022 show that their collection of used soap and plastic amenity bottles resulted in 2,271 pounds of waste diverted from landfills; 3,237 gallons of water conserved; 8,884 new bars of recycled soap generated and distributed; and 602 KGCO2E of carbon offset achieved by planting trees. 

Not yet part of our Hospitality Recycling Program? Join today!  Your organization can make a measurable social and environmental impact that will not only benefit thousands of people around the world but also boost your sustainability efforts and appeal to your potential customers! 

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