It’s a Green Christmas!

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We are so pleased to let everybody know that a nationally syndicated television show focused on how to make the holidays more environmentally friendly will feature Clean the World.

It’s a Green Christmas! Features “green” gift ideas, recycling tips, energy saving suggestions and much more. What a great idea. An entire production around great ways to protect our beautiful land and environment…. It’s like giving Mother Nature a Christmas Gift. And, of course, these tips and ideas can be done all year long, not just during the holidays. Here is a  link to their web site: http://www.itsagreenchristmas.com/index.html

We were contacted by Telco Productions several months ago about our interest in participating in the show. We were, of course, very excited. The footage used during the Clean the World portion of the show is our original footage and will mark the first time that our camera and footage, operated by Bobby Bahret, will be seen on TV. How exciting! Special thanks to Jeremy Chambers for getting the content to Telco Productions. Jeremy works as CTW’s media manager, assisting with several productions, including media and social sites. Both gents work with CTW on a volunteer basis, simply because they believe in the cause and want to get the word out in ways they are experienced with. Thank you for making a difference!

This show will be seen across America between November 20, 2009 and January 4, 2010. Here is a link to all the Listings: http://www.itsagreenchristmas.com/6.html

If your station is on the list with TBA, please contact them to see when it will play.

If your station is NOT on the list, please contact them and ask them to pick up this nationally syndicated show produced by Telco Productions.

Have a fun Black Friday! And don’t forget to put a buck or two in the Salvation Army or St. Jude Hospital collection buckets!!!


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