LATHER Becomes Silver Sponsor for Gala

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LATHER, a branded and custom amenities provider to distinctive hotel properties, has joined in celebration of Clean the World by becoming a Silver Sponsor for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. The event is scheduled Saturday, Nov. 5, at The Peabody Orlando.

LATHER’s $3,000 sponsorship helps raise awareness and support for Clean the World and its efforts to promote a global hygiene revolution, something that is close to the heart of LATHER’s own mission.

“Our company is committed to helping our environment with the promotion of sustainable, eco-friendly products ,” says Rob Hoyt, president at LATHER. “Our hotel amenities feature quality ingredients that are clean and simple, which works well with the concept of Clean the World. We appreciate that Clean the World is able to collect, sanitize and repurpose our products to help save the lives of others in an environmentally friendly way.”

LATHER joins a growing and impressive list of sponsors for the Inaugural Clean the World Gala. A full list of sponsors may be found here.

“We’re excited to have LATHER join our list of corporate sponsors and are really looking forward to a wonderful Gala celebration,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO at Clean the World. “By supporting our Gala our hospitality partners emphasize their commitment to sustainable, socially responsible programs at properties throughout North America and, eventually, the world.”

Individual tickets and table sponsorships are still available for the Gala, but time is growing short. If you or your colleagues would like to attend the Gala or group together to improve your opportunities for business networking at our event, please register now to make it happen. The Gala is a celebration of the hospitality industry’s embrace of Clean the World, and we’re all looking forward to making this night a fun, fundraising event for all.


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