Life Saving Math by Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites!

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As we approach the end of 2009, and reflect on this amazing inaugural year for Clean the World, we should continue to be thankful for the many blessings and wonderful progress that we have made. The most challenging year for a new organization is the first and unbelievably Clean the World is almost complete with our first year. In the most challenging economic period of our lifetime, we established one of the most unique and impactful recycling programs of our lifetime.

A big reason for our success has been the tremendous response from the Hospitality Industry. In 2009, the hotels that have joined Clean the World’s Recycling Program have stood up to be the early adopters, the industry leaders in sustainability, and innovators that have taken an essential step for us by adopting our program. None of this is possible without their support. As the hospitality industry continues to focus on eco-friendly, green efforts, those hotels that participate in our program have made a clear commitment to Save our Planet, and participate in a program that will Saves Lives!

Today, another leader has emerged from the hospitality industry. The Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites, located in the prestigious Keystone at the Crossing, has committed their two beautiful 12-story towers, 560 room property to our recycling program to prevent needless local landfill waste and instead help save lives across the globe. This prestigious Starwood property is connected by skywalk to the Fashion Mall which offers 100 upscale stores, offers an indoor pool and whirlpool, dry cleaning and laundry service, complimentary breakfast in the Club Lounge, and the professional staff that always comes along with a Sheraton Suites property.

Here is something we haven’t done before: lets do the math for a moment to truly understand what the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites is doing. (***Keep in the mind that the following are my rough estimates and based on national averages and CTW averages. These are not exact, but close estimates***)

The average hotel occupancy rate is 60% across the country. Let’s apply that national occupancy rate and say that this large 560 room property has approximately 336 rooms filled every single day. If 3/4 of those rooms produce a bar of soap, then 252 bars of soap every single day will not hit an Indiana landfill, but instead be recycled and delivered for free to a needy person in Africa, Haiti, or Central America. That’s over 7,500 bars of soap a month and over 90,000 bars of soap a year! That’s amazing! And that is only the bars of soap. Apply the same math to approximate the amount of shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles being recovered.

There is no doubt that it will change lives. And it takes the leadership and commitment from individuals like Matt, Andy and the entire Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites to join a program that will allow them to not only protect their local environment but supply OVER 750 FAMILIES with soap and shampoo for an entire year.

Now that is really good math that I love to think about!

Please Check them out here http://www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=158 and make sure that on your next visit to Indianapolis you thank them for their commitment to Clean the World!

Thanks and Have a GREAT DAY!!


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