A great gift idea: The Triple Creek Ranch in Montana!

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A Merry Christmas Eve to the entire Clean the World Family. And for those that celebrate Hannukkah, we hope you had a joyous Hannukah season this year too.

Tonight my immediate family, visiting family and close friends will get together for a Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange. Although, we bring an interesting concept to the gift exchange: Everybody brings a gift without a name on it. We draw numbers. The first to choose a gift looks at all the packaging and sizes and picks what they believe to be the best gift. The gift is opened to reveal the treat behind the packaging. Now, it’s the second persons turn. Ah, but there is now a twist. The second person may choose a new gift or decide to take or as I like to call it when it’s taken from me, “steal” a gift that has already been revealed. Gifts that have already been opened may only be taken 3 times during the course of the gift opening ceremony. Pretty interesting, eh?

I’m sure some of you play this gift game too or have another gift exchange ceremony. It is no doubt a time of joy and fun with your family and friends. Isn’t that what Christmas, Hannukkah and the Holiday Seasons are all about? Spending time with your family, reflecting on the past, talking about what the next 12 months may bring and watching the children joyfully open their gifts. We truly hope you enjoy this evening and the upcoming days with your friends and family.

The Clean the World family is joyous every time a new Hospitality Partner joins our program. We normally get hotels, bed and breakfast’s and vacation homes. But today, marks a great new addition: Our first RANCH!

We are so pleased to announce that the Triple Creek Ranch located in Darby, Montana has joined Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo Recycling Program. This gorgeous, luxury resort is located high in the Bitterroot Mountain Range of the Montana Rockies. You must go to their web site to view the pictures: http://www.triplecreekranch.com/.

A mountain retreat featuring private log cabins, unbelievable scenery, wildlife, a collection of Western inspired art, and world class accommodations make Triple Creek Ranch a perfect romantic getaway Christmas present for a special spouse.

There are so many cabins to choose from: http://www.triplecreekranch.com/accommodations/.  And the list of activities goes on and on but a few that jumped out at me were aromatherapy, helicopter tours, wine and food tasting, Lewis & Clark trail rides, horse back riding, hiking, cross country skiing, and whitewater rafting.

After showing the Triple Creek Ranch to my wife there is no doubt that we will make plans to visit them one day! And now from high in the Montana Rockies, Triple Creek Ranch is participating in a Life Saving, History Changing recycling program. Their guest will not only have a wonderful time while they are there, but after they leave, their soap and shampoo will make its way to a Clean the World Recycling Facility instead of a Montana landfill. There it will be repurposed, recycled and then distributed to a domestic homeless shelter or impoverished people in Haiti, Lesotho or another country who are dying because of a lack of hygiene.

Thank You Triple Creek Ranch for your commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives!

And if you are still looking for a last minute gift this year then make a reservation to take your special someone to the Triple Creek Ranch in 2010. And please do not bring it to the Christmas gift exchange game I described above because it will be taken by somebody else. 😉


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