Marriott’s Jeff Wolff Visits the Dominican Republic

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Jeff Wolff has seen a lot of poverty in his extensive travels throughout the Caribbean and Latin American regions. However, his recent soap distribution trip to the Dominican Republic with Clean the World revealed just how challenging daily life is for so many people.

“It is very different to view poverty from afar and then actually see it up close,” said Wolff, who is Marriott’s vice president of Guest Experience and Rooms Operations – Americas. “While the living conditions surprised me, I was pleasantly surprised by the impact that Children International [the in-country partner for this trip] appears to be having. It is very positive that Clean the World maximizes its effectiveness by working with organizations that are already established in specific countries.”

Wolff said he was overwhelmed by the smiles and hugs the Clean the World team received from so many people. Children and parents appreciated the simple gift of soap, which most of us take for granted.

When he had the opportunity to visit a neighborhood and see where some of those families live, Wolff was struck by their ability to survive and stay positive despite many economic challenges. He saw firsthand why soap recycling makes sense beyond keeping waste out of landfills.

“The process Clean the World has in place is able to get this product to the people who need it the most.”


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