Marriott’s MESH and Clean the World Go Hand in Hand

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Making Sustainability Easier

We’re excited to share that Clean the World’s collection data is now accessible to all Marriott hotels worldwide through their MESH (Marriott Environmental Sustainability Hub) platform. MESH helps Marriott track and report their sustainability efforts across all their hotels.

Streamlining a hotel’s collection data directly into MESH makes reporting impact “hands-free” and easier to see, manage, and report. This makes the data accurate and fosters a sense of community around sustainability within Marriott.

"Being a part of Marriott's MESH network marks a big moment for Clean the World. This integration means sustainable waste management becomes an essential part of the hospitality experience."

Environmental Commitment

Through this integration, Marriott hotels can effortlessly track their waste collection efforts using Clean the World’s Customer Portal, including total waste collected, water saved, and bars of soap distributed.

This move aligns with Marriott’s 2016 Serve360 promise to reduce their environmental impact by 2025. Marriott is working to ensure all hotels participate and comply with MESH to improve their environmental performance.

"The MESH integration will significantly increase [Clean the World's] exposure to Marriott hotel managers & affiliates as a solution for sustainable waste management."

Join the Movement

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable approach to waste management in the hospitality industry. We invite all hotels interested in making a positive impact to join us in this journey towards a more environmentally conscious approach to waste management.

Contact us today to learn how your hotel can be a part of this transformative hospitality recycling program and contribute to a greener future.

For more information and to get started with the program, please contact us at programs@cleantheworld.org.

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