Meet Your Customer Service Rep: Donya McSwain

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You might’ve spoken with them already, but for those who haven’t had the chance to meet the wonderful individuals that make up Clean the World’s stellar Customer Service team, here’s your chance! We will be spotlighting a team member each month to help you get to know the face on the opposite end of the phone (or computer).

Donya McSwain is an Account Manager for our Customer Service team at Clean the World. She’s known for her hard work ethic, ability to make anyone smile, and delicious macaroni and cheese at company potlucks and cookouts.

How Clean the World’s Mission Gives Her Meaning

Donya McSwainDonya has been a soap hero with Clean the World for a little over a year. She heard about our organization through a friend who worked here, and Clean the World’s mission to recycle soap and save lives is what most inspired her to be a part of the team. Our mission hits especially close to home for Donya because we save the lives of millions of children—and her three beautiful kids are her pride and joy.

Her most humbling memory working at Clean the World was during the chaos of Hurricane Matthew. Donya explains that, “As an internal Clean the World family, we packaged boxes of soap and separated soap. We all brought our kids and families and came together as a team to get tons of soap out to those in desperate need. We worked around the clock and some even stayed overnight.” Donya says that “It’s the mission that drew me here, and it’s what’s keeping me here. To save lives and keep families together is absolutely everything to me.”

A Day in the Life of Donya

Though no day has ever proven alike, Donya wears many hats as the account manager. She’s responsible for making sure bins get delivered and soap gets picked up, and oversees return labels, processing cancelations, changing partner statuses, and implementing properties. Having a relatively small customer service team means working diligently hard, but Donya says, “My favorite part about working at Clean the World are the people internally and externally. I enjoy my customers as much as I enjoy my coworkers. I look forward to coming to work every day.”

Donya is best-described as a people-person who loves to smile and laugh, and make sure everyone around her is taken care of whether that be clients or just friends and family. Her background in customer-service helps in her everyday life as she explains that “Everything in life involves customer service.” She has a passion for massage therapy, something she developed from her mother, and even traces that passion back to having a desire to help others and make them feel good.

Moving Forward

 “I want everyone to know about Clean the World. I want everyone to know the impact it’s having on children and families—not just in other countries but in the United States. I want Clean the World to be a household name.”

Next time you speak with Donya, please let her know how she can help you—because her kind and selfless personality is sure to do just that!


Written by Gabrielle Lintz, an intern in the Clean the World marketing department.

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