Since 2009, all of us at Clean the World have been working with our heads down and shoulders to the soap grinder. Every now and then we pause for a moment to take stock of what happened over the past six years – and it is humbling. From zero to more than 4,000 hotel partners, more than 29 million bars of soap distributed in 99 countries, and more than 50 team members working across three continents.

We continue to be blessed by attracting top-notch talent. Our ever-growing organization has some of the finest operations, customer service, sales, and marketing people not just in the social enterprise sector, but in business period. Here is a look at some new key members of the team:

Lauren Blasco, Director of International Development: Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Lauren spent the past six years in Hong Kong, where she was involved with a regional soap recycling organization called Soap Cycling. Lauren will work closely with CEO Shawn Seipler in developing global growth strategies for Clean the World.

Pierre Daigneault, Executive Director, Canada and Europe: Pierre has worked as an attorney specializing in real estate transactions, financing and corporate law, He owned and managed several businesses including an investment brokerage firm. Prior to joining Clean the World, Pierre spend seven years in the environmental, sustainability and carbon market business.

Dale Flowers, Chief Financial Officer: In 2008, Dale co-founded a CFO consulting firm that specialized in turnaround management projects, and M&A transaction support. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina and an MBA with a concentration in international business from the Davis College of Business at Jacksonville University.

Pierre Daigneault

Dale Flowers