NBA Coach Stan Van Gundy: ‘Winning with Defense’

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Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy knows a lot about defense. What you may not realize is that he also has a passion for fighting germs.

“Too many children are dying all around the world because they don’t have enough soap to kill germs,” Van Gundy says. “By helping Clean the World, we can distribute more soap to provide children and families with a strong defense against the spread of fatal disease.”

Van Gundy works at the Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic, a mere inbound pass away from Clean the World headquarters in downtown Orlando. He’s familiar with the organization and its success with distributing more than 9 million bars of soap to children and families in more than 45 countries. Van Gundy is enthusiastic in his support of Clean the World’s global hygiene revolution to save lives with soap.

“This place is awesome,” Van Gundy said during a recent visit to Clean the World. “It smells great and there’s so much energy here. Everyone here realizes they have an important role to play in helping save the lives of children who need soap and better hygiene. I love the idea and will do all I can to help.”

The coach was kind enough to record several public service announcements on behalf of Clean the World during his visit. Here’s one now on his favorite topic: Defense.

“Soap is a simple solution,” Van Gundy says. “But just as in basketball, you can’t achieve your goals without putting in the hard work. Clean the World and its hotel partners are doing that hard work everyday to stop the spread of acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease. And it’s working. That’s what I call winning with defense.”


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