Clean the World Partners with The Beauty Initiative to Help Women Feel Confident & Beautiful

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The Beauty InitiativeIn December 2016, Clean the World partnered with The Beauty Initiative to provide hygiene products to women across the state of Florida. The Beauty Initiative is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to provide free sanitary products to women who are homeless or who experience financial hardships.

Our bars of soap and bottled amenities helped ease the brunt of poverty to these young women. Often times, these women don’t have the means to purchase the necessary hygiene products during their menstruation that helps them feel healthy and clean, but through this amazing collaboration, we were able to help them feel as beautiful and healthy as every woman deserves to.

The Beauty Initiative was able to pack an astounding 343 bags of hygienic items that included our Clean the World soaps. At their most recent event, that number nearly doubled to 700 bags distributed to women across the state of Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. The bags were not only given to women on the streets, but also to a shelter for runaway teens, veterans, and another shelter for domestic violence victims.

These life-changing bags were given to the Broward County Sherriff’s Office and Police Homeless Task Force. The officers kept the bags handy while they were on patrol. They kindly distributed them when they identified someone who could benefit from the feminine hygiene items and beauty products.

The Beauty Initiative not only provides the physical tools for success to women but also the emotional means as well. They hold interactive workshops that promote and teach self-love, self-worth, etiquette, and wellness—along with other beauty techniques women enjoy. Women everywhere deserve to feel confident. At Clean the World, we value that even just a bar of soap can make women feel just that and make a difference in their lives. We donated 500 soaps to The Beauty Initiative and love what the organization stands for. March 8th is International Women’s Day. Make sure to celebrate, empower, and cherish being a woman or the women in your life, because even a small notion goes a long way and can make a difference.


Written by Gabrielle Lintz, an intern in the Clean the World marketing department.

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