Pineapple Hospitality Donates 90,000 Bottled Amenities to Clean the World

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Summary: Eco-friendly body washes, lotions and conditioners to be distributed domestically, bringing comfort and improved hygiene to children and families in homeless shelters, rescue centers and missions.

As Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, with all of its traditional abundance, one Missouri-based company is giving from its bounty to help Clean the World.
Pineapple Hospitality, the premier distributor of “green” hotel products and marketing programs to the hospitality industry, has donated more than 90,000 bottles of eco-friendly body washes, lotions and conditioners to improve comfort and dignity for children and families in distressed situations throughout the United States. The donations will be received by Clean theWorld, an Orlando, Fla.-based organization that recycles and distributes hygiene products to people in need.

The decision to donate the products comes right before Thanksgiving Day, but will have lasting impact for recipients of the Pineapple Hospitality products during and after the holiday season.

“We’re all aware of the economic and social distress so many families are experiencing in our own country and around the world,” says Ray Burger, CEO and president at Pineapple Hospitality. “Clean the World, with its impressive record of sustainability and social outreach, provides an ideal vehicle for our company to share our beauty and hygiene resources with those who need them most.”

Clean the World, a social enterprise committed to saving lives and protecting our planet, works with more than 1,200 hospitality partners in North America to collect and recycle hotel soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and gels to help fight the global spread of preventable diseases.

“Through the generosity of partners such as Pineapple Hospitality, we are able to advance our mission to improve the hygiene and living conditions of children and families all over the globe,” says Shawn Seipler, CEO and co-founder at Clean the World. “Particularly in the United States, where we often take for granted our many gifts and privileges, we will be able to offer hygiene support and comfort that aligns with our goal to save lives with soap and bring dignity with simple gifts in troubling times.”

In less than three years Clean the World has collected, recycled and distributed more than 9 million bars of soap and more than 600,000 lbs. of bottled amenities in the United States, Canada and more than 45 countries. This effort has helped divert more than 1.2 million lbs. of hotel waste from polluting local landfills.


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