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Orlando, FL — Friday, March 5, 2010— Sonoma Soap Company is adding something to their all-natural line of Sonoma Soap Products. Starting in April 2010 the Sonoma brand will carry the Clean the World logo on its packaging. The co-branded natural bar soaps are part of a unique marketing effort with the non-profit, Clean the World. In addition to the awareness generated by the new packaging, Sonoma will donate a portion of the proceeds of each co-branded bar purchased to help in their mission of saving lives and recycling soap.

“We are proud of this alliance with Clean the World to generate funds and awareness to help save lives and the environment. Through our partnership, Sonoma Soap Company, along with our consumers, can play a role in the fight against illness and death caused by acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease in countries across the globe. Now when you go with Sonoma Soap Company products, you can make good things happen,” said Peter Caparis of Sonoma Soap Company.

Soap Saves Lives
According the World Health Organization, 3.5 million children die from treatable illnesses, including pneumonia and diarrheal disease each year. That is the equivalent of 9,000 children daily. Up to 65% of these deaths could be prevented by simple hand-washing with soap and water. Details of these studies are available at http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/

Recycling Soap
Each day millions of pounds of soap, shampoo, conditioner and other personal care items are discarded by the hospitality industry as part of their normal housekeeping practices. Clean the World collects these items, sanitizes them and distributes them to people in need around the world. In the 2009, Clean the World has recycled more than 4 million bars of soap and 200,000 pounds of shampoo and conditioner, simultaneously eliminating over 380 tons of waste.

Sonoma Green Products
The Sonoma Soap Company’s commitment to the planet is clear: All of their personal care products contain at least 99% natural ingredients, they adhere to green chemistry principles and all product packaging is recyclable.

“The Sonoma brand is a great match for Clean the World. Their commitment to environmental issues and social responsibility makes Sonoma a perfect partner for us.” said Shawn Seipler, executive director and co-founder of Clean the World . “This is a great way to get the word out about our cause and help us reach more people in need.”

About Clean the World, Inc.
An Orlando-based charitable organization, Clean the World, Inc. is committed to the prevention of illness and death caused by acute respiratory infection and diarrheal disease in countries across the globe. In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World collects discarded soap and shampoo from hotels to be recycled and distributes these soap products along with appropriate educational materials to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished people worldwide. In 2009, Clean the World collected, recycled and distributed over 230 tons of soap and other bathroom amenities to impoverished people worldwide. With the donations of these discarded soap and shampoo products, Clean the World is a step closer to reaching their goal of preventing the millions of lives lost each year — and they’re doing it one bar of soap at a time. Clean the World Foundation, Inc is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.

About Sonoma Soap Company
Sonoma Soap Company, makers of all-natural body care products, recently introduced shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, bar soaps, bath and shower gels and body lotions, which, like the artisans before them, capture the essence and organic goodness of California’s wine country.

Every Sonoma Soap Company product is made from a traditional Sonoma blend of certified organic ingredients including lavender, citrus, wildflowers, cedarwood, oatmeal, maple and more. The products are between 99% and 99.7% natural, 100% vegetarian and paraben and phthalate free. The colors and fragrances are 100% pure, with nothing added to alter the lovely natural aromas. Using high-quality natural ingredients results in effective yet gentle cleansing, deep hydration and restorative nourishment for the hair and skin.

Each Sonoma Soap Company variety, including First Crush, Lavender Reserve and Citrus Medley, evokes an authentic Sonoma Valley experience. Products are available at independent health food stores throughout the country. For more information, please visit http://www.sonomasoapcompany.com/ or write to info@sonomasoapcompany.com.


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