Sending Soap Around the World

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Clean the World Foundation has updated its Soap Distribution Map to include new countries in which we are helping to save lives with soap. View the map here.

Recent additions to our map, which now represents 45 countries touched by Clean the World, include Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Kenya and an island off the coast of Africa that many people remember best as the name of an animated film by Dreamworks.

That most recent addition to our list may be the most exotic — Madagascar. Check out the smiling faces on these children, many of whom live way below the poverty level in an economically depressed nation. The children are really appreciative of the soaps, which were donated through a number of school, church and individual soap donations received by Clean the World.

If you’d like to start your own soap drive in your community, please visit this link for tips on how to make it a success. You’ll help people all around the world receive the gift of hygiene, and you’ll be helping Clean the World.


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