So Much Happening… Welcome Triangle Motel in Alma, Michigan

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My apologies for missing the blog yesterday… With an incredible week of action and pushing our movement forward, I had a lot to catch up on.

This week we had a wonderful time at the International Hotel/ Motel and Restaurant Show in NYC. We made great connections with equipment providers such as Rational and Torrey. We had outstanding meetings with potential partners and fellow non-profits. And a number of organizations were exposed to Clean the World and our cause. The consensus from every single individual and corporation was the same: Your cause is wonderful, it is a no brainer, keep up the good work and we are behind you!

Wonderful inroads were made with new friends and existing partners at amenity providers and soap manufacturers, Gilchrist & Soames and Marietta Corp. And we had the pleasure of speaking to so many key executives at major hotel chains about our vision and cause.

This week, we made great strides towards a very key upcoming event: Changing History in Our Lifetime. We interviewed with several newspapers, including two high schools, University of Central Florida and Florida A&M University. More are scheduled for the upcoming week.

And, most importantly, we finalized our next trip to Haiti, which will occur next week. And we raised the money for the project. A special thanks to somebody very dear to my heart, a family member, my Uncle Mark, who provided the funding necessary for myself, Pastor Brutus and Bobby to fly to Haiti next week for two days to oversee the next major distribution of Clean the World soap. Approximately 150,000 bars of soap will be distributed to schools, orphanages, churches and the Cap Haitien Health Network. More to come on our distribution process later but a BIG THANK YOU TO UNCLE MARK for making next week possible.

In these tough times, donating money is very challenging and we understand the commitment behind it. We want to thank every single person that donated to Clean the World this week. We received donations from as far away as Washington, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Many donated online and many through checks. We really need them to keep coming. Thank you to every single person and look for your personal letter from Paul and I very soon.

And closing out the week, another property has shown their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives. The Triangle Motel of Alma, Michigan, located close to Alma College, Michigan Masonic Home and Soaring Eagle Casino, has joined the family. They have been American owned and operated for 18 years and by becoming a Clean the World Hospitality Partner, they show their commitment to Americans hurting right now in shelters and missions that need soap and their American spirit to those impoverished abroad that need it too. I cannot stress this fact: It doesn’t matter how big or how small your property is. We need every single one to join this important and unprecedented recycling program! Check out the Traingle Motel here: http://www.thetrianglemotel.com/index.php and say hello the next time you travel to or through Alma, Michigan.

A huge week ahead includes speaking at Center Pointe Church of the Nazarene tomorrow, Rotary Club on Tuesday, Sheraton Sand Key on Wednesday, the Westin Diplomat on Thursday and back to Haiti on Friday. A wonderful event is being finalized at the Green Lodging Hotel Conference in December in partnership with GMIC. Stay close and stay tuned.
Have a great week ahead!


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