Soaps for Sierra Leone and Honduras

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Source: James Mansaray, NHA
Clean the World took its first step toward completing a successful soap distribution to Sierra Leone this week. A pallet of soap (roughly 2,000 bars) was loaded onto a truck in Orlando on Oct. 31 and is bound for the West African country courtesy of The Southern Eye Institute of Memphis, Tenn.

The soaps will be distributed to children and families in the poorest communities of Serabu, Sierra Leone. Serabu is a village of 3,000 residents, where rural people live in mud and wattle houses with roofs of palm thatch. They are without electricity or pure drinking water. Sierra Leone has the second highest infant mortality rate in the world with a rate of 123 deaths for every 1,000 births. Many of these deaths are attributed to poor hygiene and inadequate sanitation conditions.

The soaps will be used in demonstrations of proper hand washing when paired with water from Tippy Taps that have been placed in the area. The Tippy Taps provide basic water stations for personal hygiene, and the soaps will add an enormous benefit for teachers in the area who will be instructing local residents on the importance of regular hand washing to prevent the spread of disease.

Thanks to Michael Feeley of MeSoap for bringing Clean the World to the attention of The Southern Eye Institute and for being instrumental in the coordination of this global hygiene effort.

Additionally, Clean the World sent two packages of roughly 200 bars of soaps wrapped in PeopleTowels to Honduras. The soaps will be included as sustainable hygiene kits and distributed by U.S. military personnel at Ramon Amaya Amador School in Las Minitas; Francisco Morazan School in San Pedro de Quelepa; Lempira School in Playoncito; Prudencia Fernandez School in Playon Ajuterique; and Francisco Morazan School in San Rafael.


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