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At Clean the World, we often speak or write about “Spreading the Word”. One of the big reasons for our very early and quick success has been because individuals, corporations, friends, family, and hoteliers have been telling others about Clean the World. When this happens a phenomena occurs we refer to as connecting the dots. This is how a new hotel eventually joins our recycling program, or a new distribution charity that is in need of hygiene products contacts us and receives help. This is how a new grant becomes available or an opportunity for Clean the World to be mention within a media venue for more exposure presents itself. It starts with you simply Spreading the Word about this charity that is collecting and recycling hotel soap and shampoo all across the country to save lives.

One of the areas in 2010 that Clean the World will focus on with respect to Spreading the Word is with local and state agencies and government officials. So many states across the country have two groups that we really need to hear about Clean the World: 1) State Tourism agencies that have access and communication regularly with all the hotels, lodges, and bed & breakfasts in their state and 2) State Environmental agencies that are working hard to promote sustainable and eco friendly practices to organizations in their states, including those in the hospitality industry.

In 2009, Clean the World officially partnered with the State of Oklahoma on such an initiative. We are an ECO Advocate within the state’s certification program or Encouraging Conservation in Oklahoma (ECO). Clean the World participated in the inaugural press conference launch with state officials, partnered on ways to promote our program to state hotels and lodges, and we are being talked about at various workshops and conferences as the beautiful state of Oklahoma looks for ways to engage and promote all the wonderful practices contained in the ECO program. Here is a great link to all the details on Oklahoma’s ECO program and how they promote it: http://eco.oklatourism.gov/ and here is a great article at Green Lodging News, which we highly recommend you subscribe to as well, that describes the program, its benefits and the Clean the World partnership: http://greenlodgingnews.com/Content.aspx?id=3920.

We wrote about a new Oklahoma hotel, The Colcord Hotel, several weeks ago. The Colcord joined our recycling program as a result of Oklahoma’s ECO Initiative. Well, in the spirit of Spreading the Word, we are incredibly pleased to announce a second Oklahoma hotel to join Clean the World’s Soap and Shampoo Recycling Program.

The Luxury Boutique Hotel Ambassador located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s uptown, is now a member of the CTW family. This beautiful and indeed luxurious property is reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance villa. This ten story property was introduced by General Patrick Hurley in 1929 as one of the first “extended stay” hotels. It has all the amenities and is perfect for weddings and important business meetings. The photo tour says it all. Check it out here: http://www.hotelambassador-tulsa.com/photo_tour.html.

The Hotel Ambassador is not only committed to their guest with these luxurious accommodations but they are committed to their beautiful environment by participating in Clean the World’s Advocacy Program within Oklahoma’s ECO Certification Program. The Hotel Ambassador found out about us because of their desires to learn how they can participate in various programs that are intended to protect their land, and we were one of those programs. Isn’t that Fantastic!

In 2010, we encourage you to contact your state tourism agencies and hotel and lodging sustainability programs about Clean the World. We also encourage you to visit Oklahoma, visit Hotel Ambassador in Tulsa, Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City, or another fine hotel participating in the wonderful, state led environmental sustainability ECO program!


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