Sustainable Hotel Recycling Solutions: How Clean the World Supports Hotels in the UK to Achieve Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Goals

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In recent years, the global hospitality industry has undergone a major transformative shift to embrace sustainability and environmental responsibility. In the UK alone, the hospitality industry contributes to an expected 289,000 tons of waste annually.

The concept of circularity, focusing on waste minimization, resource efficiency, and closed-loop solutions, has gained importance in this development. By fully embracing the concept of circularity, Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program helps hospitality partners recycle their hotel’s soap and plastic bottled amenity waste and transform it into circular impact products.

Key players in the hospitality industry have recognized the challenge at hand in the UK, and hotels, including Hilton, The PIG, and Hyatt properties across the UK, are participating in the Global Hospitality Recycling Program to reduce impact and commit to a more sustainable future. The momentum, which is now building in the UK, is set to play a significant role in supporting net-zero objectives set by the UK government by 2050.

What is Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program?

Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program recycles hotel soap and plastic bottled amenity waste. Since 2009, the program has diverted over 10 million kg of waste from landfills and stands as a pioneering recycling solution for UK hotels. The program offers a seamless approach to waste management, supporting hotels in the UK in transitioning to more sustainable practices. Clean the World’s initiative provides an abundance of benefits to participating hotels.

  1. Tailored Waste Management Solution: Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program provides a seamless waste management solution for hotels to recycle bathroom amenities, including soap and plastic bottles. The program diverts hotel waste from landfills, supports the circular economy, reduces carbon footprint reduction, and more.

  2. Extensive Recycling Infrastructure: Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program has an efficient recycling process for all amenities to be recycled. Learn more about our soap and plastic recycling processes here.

  3. Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17): Clean the World fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing to advance sustainable practices at all levels. These partnerships truly amplify the industry’s collective efforts towards sustainability.

    Clean the World often participates in guest speaking events, webinars, and podcasts focused on sustainability, the impact of hotels, and the awareness of sustainable solutions for hotels. Notably, Clean the World recently participated in the GSTC webinar, a well-respected body for change in the sustainability world. This webinar highlighted Clean the World’s program and the sustainable solutions available for hospitality businesses. Further, a webinar hosted by the City of Amsterdam this January showcased Clean the World’s program to local hospitality businesses, exemplifying the enormous opportunity to drive impact and support the City of Amsterdam’s environmental and social goals.

  4. Data-Driven Insights Through Clean the World’s Impact Reporting System: Clean the World’s impact report system utilizes data analytics to provide valuable insights to UK hotel partners. The system tracks, measures, and monitors the recycling efforts and maps impact against sustainable development goals (SDGs), empowering establishments to make informed decisions and continually improve their sustainability efforts.

Through participating in Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program, hospitality businesses in the UK can make a real impact, embody environmental, social, governance (ESG), and support objectives to net zero by 2050.

If you are a hotel in the UK or EU interested in Clean the World supporting your sustainability goals, please reach out to us at europe@cleantheworld.org


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