Thanks for a Successful Fundraising Campaign!

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We recently completed our first RocketHub crowd-funding campaign for Clean the World, and we could not be more excited about the results. Contributions from friends and supporters totaled $12,034 toward four machines that will allow us to make soap at a faster production rate.

Although donations fell short of our very aggressive $54,000 goal, this campaign was a runaway success for Clean the World. RocketHub’s Brian Meece says the average crowd-funding campaign raises $4,800. We brought in nearly 3x that amount, which is a fantastic blessing and a holiday gift to the Global Hygiene Revolution.
In addition to raising funds for the new machines, a side benefit of this effort is that thousands of hygiene kits are being delivered to Superstorm Sandy victims in the Northeast.
With the help of a few last-minute donations, we expect to take delivery of the new machines within the next 60 days. Two will be installed in our main facility in Orlando, and the other two go to our Regional Operations Center in Las Vegas.

Thank you so much to the following contributors:

  • Scott Cohen
  • Waymon & Frances Armstrong
  • Marty Rubin
  • Tobi Wilson
  • Margaret Lezcano
  • Cody Pacic
  • Dawn Wright
  • Rick Burn
  • John Hobson
  • Dirk Roskam
  • Leslie Hielema
  • Timothy Yocum
  • Katherine Dobbs
  • Jeremiah McElwee
  • Amy Sindler
  • Dan Koroscil
  • Rian Seipler
  • Bruce Wang
  • Seipler Family
  • Dr. Paul Skomsky
  • MDC Partners on behalf of Bob Scaglione
  • Julie & TJ Larson
  • Michael O’Quinn
  • Margaret Holsinger
  • Stan & Kimberly VanGundy
  • Ford Keine
  • Jennifer Quigley
  • Lonney Johnson
  • Tom Cook
  • Evelyn Bako
  • Cindy Gainey
  • Radisson Hotel Edmonton South
  • McConnell Marketing
  • Mariana Klaveno
  • Branden Weber
  • Siena Scifleet

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