The Sands Cares’ Fresh Start Mobile Showers unit is ready to roll

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On any given night in the Las Vegas area, there are more than 6,200 homeless individuals, of which 60% are unsheltered and living on the streets. Las Vegas trails shortly behind Los Angeles and New York for the third largest unaccompanied youth population. Of these homeless youth, it’s estimated that more than 80% are living unsheltered.

Since the opening of Clean the World Las Vegas in 2012, we have come to love and appreciate the community we serve. With the help of our partnership with Las Vegas Sands, we’ve identified a solution to lifting the spirits of our homeless community. As a global leader in health, Clean the World works endlessly to provide individuals with the means to stay clean and live a healthy life. Las Vegas Sands has always supported our mission, helping us to grow and reach more people than we ever knew possible. They recognize the growing problem of homelessness in their backyard and use their philanthropic platform, Sands Cares, to address this issue and provide relief to those affected. Together we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Powered by Clean the World.

The Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers is a traveling hygiene unit that will travel to various locations, four days a week, offering showers to homeless populations in the Las Vegas area.

“Having access to regular hygiene is a fundamental part of good health and well-being. But it’s also part of personal dignity – it can create a turning point in someone’s life,” said Shawn Seipler, founder and chief executive officer of Clean the World. “That’s our hope for the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Powered by Clean the World – to give people the opportunity to start their day in a new direction.”

Four bathroom/shower rooms are available in the hygiene unit allowing for individuals to take a warm shower and feel refreshed. Clean the World will supply soap and hygiene products for each shower and partner with local organizations to provide other services such as food, emergency shelter, clothing, and medical care.  When the community comes together to support our neighbors, waves of positivity and change always follow.

The Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers is able to provide an estimated 250 showers per week. The goal is to provide showers and connect those in need with the necessary resources to help them get back on their feet or through a rough time in their life. Something as simple as a shower can give an individual the courage and confidence to seek out a better future, whether that be a job interview, returning to school, or utilizing the amazing resources our partner organizations have to offer. In addition to servicing the homeless community Tuesdays through Fridays, the traveling hygiene unit will visit local schools every Monday to educate students and faculty on the importance of hygiene and handwashing to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid harmful bacteria.

We look forward to the positive impact this unit will make within the city of Las Vegas, and hope to see this project expand to all major areas reaching as many people in need as we possibly can. Clean the World is eager to have the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers on the road and to report back to our supporters with uplifting stories and impactful results.

With the launch of the Sands Cares Fresh Start Mobile Showers Powered by Clean the World, we wanted to thank our wonderful sponsors. Thank you to Las Vegas Sands for their amazing mobile showers partnership and commitment to Clean the World. Thank you to Two Bears at Apache RV. Apache RV partnered with us from the very beginning of the development process to create a unit that offered the best solutions for our clients’ safety, comfort, and privacy. Finally, thank you to Oasis RV and Incognito Wraps for their operational expertise and involvement. We could not have this without their tremendous support.

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