Clean the World Expands Hospitality Recycling Program in the United Kingdom, Teams Up with Co-Founders of @BambuuBrush to Oversee Program’s Development and Go to Market Strategy

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ORLANDO, FL —March 10, 2022Clean the World, a global leader in water, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainability, is expanding its Hospitality Recycling Program and Soap Saves Lives Box Program in the United Kingdom as it aims to tackle the global issue of plastic pollution and hygiene insecurity abroad.

For the last 13 years, Clean the World has partnered with the hotel industry to recycle soap and bottled amenities in the United States, Montreal, Hong Kong, Punta Cana, and Amsterdam. Since its start in 2009, Clean the World has grown into a global impact organization whose mission is to save millions of lives around the world through the recycling and distribution of soap. Clean the World has since distributed over 68 million bars of soap in 127 countries, while providing 5 million hygiene kits to vulnerable people in need. During the pandemic, over 9 million bars of soap have been given to homeless shelters, food pantries, refugee camps, and emergency healthcare facilities. This impact was driven by dedicated partners in the hospitality industry including hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and soap manufacturers.

As Clean the World expands its global Hospitality Recycling Program within the United Kingdom, it has strategically aligned with powerhouse co-founders of @BambuuBrush, Tommie Eaton and Rebecca Dudbridge to help with growth and development. Tommie and Rebecca successfully launched @BambuuBrush in January of 2019. Within their first year, they aimed to encourage 1 million plastic toothbrushes to be switched into a sustainable toothbrush made from bamboo, they have since accomplished their goal inspiring more than 2.5 million simple changes to be made stopping over 50,000 kg of plastic toothbrushes entering commercial circulation. With the help of their loyal following on social media, they reached their goal of #1millionby2020.

With 4.2 billion people brushing their teeth every morning and night with a plastic toothbrush, Tommie and Rebecca knew they could make a significant impact on plastic reduction, if they could raise awareness and inspire people to make the switch to a sustainable toothbrush made from bamboo. Their goal to educate, inspire, and empower someone to make one simple change away from a plastic toothbrush to an @BambuuBrush would mean that person would start and end their day in a sustainable way, and potentially continue to make environmentally friendly decisions throughout their day. Each of these decisions had the potential to add up on a global scale and by changing a small percentage of the population’s habits and encouraging people to make one small change could, in turn, have a much bigger impact on the future of the planet. In addition to the 2.5 million bamboo toothbrushes the team has sold, since launching they have educated over 3,000 school pupils through their environmental educational workshops, and organized 29 plastic clean ups engaging communities to take action in their local area collecting over 1 tonne of plastic waste.

Driven by impact, Tommie and Rebecca will be joining Clean the World’s global expansion team to raise awareness of hygiene insecurity and the positive impact on the environment the hotels in the United Kingdom could have by participating in the Hospitality Recycling Program. Clean the World is dedicated to coming alongside the hospitality industry to champion their sustainability efforts, social impact goals, and environmental stewardship worldwide, and currently recycles soap from 1.4 million hotel rooms daily through their partnership with over 8,000 hotels around the world. In total, over 23 million pounds or 10,432,624 kilograms of waste from the hospitality industry have been kept out of landfills globally.

“We are expanding within the United Kingdom with the help of two individuals who have a mutual desire to save the planet from harmful plastic and to create a sustainable solution to an everyday environmental challenge,” says Shawn Seipler, Founder and CEO, Clean the World. “Tommie and Rebecca are laser focused on sustainability, and the synergy and fit within our organization is a perfect match. The impact they have made with @BambuuBrush is in line with what Clean the World has done and that is what this strategic alliance is all about. We have contracted with @BambuuBrush for their talent, and the glue that binds us together is the social and environmental impact we will be making together and alongside one another.”

As part of the expansion within the UK, Clean the World’s Soap Saves Lives Box Program will also be made available as an impact product offered to organizations and groups. The Soap Saves Lives Boxes contain life-saving hygiene products that can be assembled by employees and then distributed by organizations to a local charity of their choice. The Soap Saves Lives Box Program takes aim at stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other hygiene related illnesses by providing critical hygiene supplies to vulnerable individuals within the community. It also offers a unique corporate social responsibility (CSR) opportunity that is easily adjustable to meet the needs of any organization and it energizes and engages employees in a safe, team-building event on a mission to save lives. Since the products inception in April, 2020, over 10,000 employees have assembled a total of 617,875 hygiene kits that were then distributed to charities and other NGOs across the United States.  

“After being introduced to Clean the World’s team through our partnership with Plastic Oceans, instantly I was in awe and admired the mission and impact Clean the World has made over the last 13 years,” says Tommie Eaton, Founder, @BambuuBrush. “With a focus in the UK and Europe we will continue to drive sustainable, purposeful practices through Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program, Soap Saves Lives Box and Hygiene Kit Build events and also some exciting new opportunities we are working on behind the scenes. 2022 is the year of action and impact!”

“I have always admired the direct work & impact that CTW delivers, and the ethos and mission align with everything we strive to achieve at @BambuuBrush,” says Rebecca Dudbridge, Founder, @BambuuBrush. “This is the start of the perfect partnership, and I believe mutual passion can help create truly revolutionary work. I look forward to building the UK brand in powerful and innovative ways and providing the UK opportunities to make a real and tangible difference to those struggling with the stigma of hygiene poverty.”

Clean the World’s partnerships go far beyond waste diversion and soap recycling. As the hospitality industry shifts their focus to sustainable travel, Clean the World hotel partners will not only be able to measure their impact through bars of soap distributed and volume of product collected, but also through additional metrics such as carbon footprint reduction, water saved, waste diverted from landfill, energy generated, number of hygiene kits supported, number of showers supported, and number of people served. Hospitality partners can now track and report on the impact they’re having on the environment and in the lives of people in need, and tie those metrics back to 11 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, among them SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation which ensures the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

About Clean the World
Clean the World is a social enterprise dedicated to WASH (water, sanitization, and hygiene) and sustainability. It operates soap recycling centers and offices in Orlando, Montreal, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Washington DC, Punta Cana, and United Kingdom and leads a “Global Hygiene Revolution” to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products from more than 8,000 hotel, resort, and cruise partners. Clean the World’s foundation provides WASH (water, sanitization, and hygiene) programming to benefit global communities with high pre-adolescent death rates due to acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera) – which are two of the top killers of children under the age of five. Since 2009, the foundation has distributed 68 million bars of soap and 5 million hygiene kits in 127 countries. For more information on how you can participate in Clean the World’s world-renowned recycling program, please visit https://cleantheworld.org/get-involved/hotel-recycling-program/ 

About @BambuuBrush

@BambuuBrush are a mission driven business who strive to make sustainable actions accessible for all and to Educate, Inspire and Empower people that we all hold the power to change the world, starting with One Simple Change. @BambuuBrush products fund social impact projects around the globe to combat and utilize plastic waste. Visit https://www.bambuubrush.com for more information.


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