Clean the World Volunteers at He Got Up: Helping the Homeless

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Clean the World Volunteers at He Got Up: Helping the Homeless

On a sunny Sunday, April 5th Clean the World helped Orlando shine a little bit brighter by volunteering at an event called “He Got Up.” He Got Up is hosted by the Orlando Serve Foundation and is a day of celebration and service to help the Orlando homeless community. In attendance were local non-profits, government leaders, faith-based organizations, a resource fair, stadium concession stands, educational institutions, and barbers—all free of charge for the Orlando community.

The hundreds of volunteers who helped run this moving event were ready to serve those in need, including our Clean the World family. As the free transportation buses pulled up to Camping World Stadium filled with hopeful attendees, we were eager to help. Our role at He Got Up was to provide hot showers and distribute hygiene kits to individuals and families in need. Upon taking their shower, they were given a bag filled with a towel, washcloth, hand towel, body wash, and lotion. Women also had the opportunity to blow dry their hair, paint their nails, and receive necessary feminine products after their shower. Clean the World’s hygiene kits were given out at the event filled with soap, repurposed shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, a washcloth, and an inspirational notecard.

“I love when we get out of the office and participate in a community outreach like He Got Up.  It was a fun time with my co-workers and very humbling to work so closely with our underserved community” says Marti Mosley, Clean the World’s Executive Administrative Assistant.

To hear these families and individuals’ stories, backgrounds, and grateful words was extremely eye-opening. They come from all walks of life. He Got Up was a time for Orlando to come together and brighten their day. A shower is a very personal activity, that’s why we wanted to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. Good hygiene and a simple shower can make a huge difference. A woman of 40 years old told us that “this shower made me feel like a millionaire.” And a man named Jonathan said that he’s been “looking forward to this shower all week.” Another woman told us that she doesn’t remember the last time she looked at herself in the mirror.

These daily routines that can be easily taken advantage of made their week. Clean the World is grateful we’re able to provide hygiene and take part in changing people’s lives. It’s important for those who struggle to know that people are there for them and want to provide the means to help them get on their feet. And that’s exactly what we aimed to do volunteering at He Got Up.

“I feel so good. It’s a sunny, beautiful day. Thank you. I have lunch, a shower, and new shoes.” –Samuel, age 60.

This event is so rewarding and we were honored to be a part of it. He Got Up is in its second year, and we believe that our presence will make an even bigger impact than the year before. We want to Clean the World, but sometimes that movement starts in our own backyard.

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Written by Gabrielle Lintz, an intern in the Clean the World marketing department.

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