Washington Post Highlights Clean the World

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Clean the World was featured in the Jan. 8 Travel section of The Washington Post.

The article details the history of our hotel soap recycling organization and the adventures of travel reporter Andrea Sachs, who helped collect, recycle and distribute hotel soaps during a recent two-day visit to Orlando, Fla.

Here’s an excerpt:

Since moving into their current space in a marginal section of downtown Orlando, they’ve [Clean the World] upgraded their machinery. Now, one machine grinds the used soap down to pellets that resemble broken crayons. Then, with a quick change of parts, it mixes the ground-up soap with glycerine and water, shapes the goo into a long brick, then slices it with the precision of a master chef. The finished products, honeydew green in color and smelling of spring freshness, roll down the belt. The squares unceremoniously drop into cardboard boxes, ready for shipment to faraway lands.  — (“Clean the World: Hotel Soaps That Care”, The Washington Post, Jan. 8, 2012)

You can read the entire article here, which was posted online Jan. 6. The link may require free online registration at The Washington Post website, but the article is worth the effort.

Thanks to all who help make sharing our Clean the World story so much fun. We appreciate the support of our hospitality partners, friends and contibutors. The new year brings great opportunity for increased sustainability and highly advanced socially responsible programs, and Clean the World will lead the way.


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