You Are Invited to a Soap Distribution Experience

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Clean the World’s mission begins with a hotel housekeeper collecting a discarded bar of soap, and ends with a recycled bar in the hands of a child. You have an opportunity to see that end result first-hand by accompanying us on one of our upcoming soap distribution trips.

The trips provide three- and four-day immersion experiences in communities where soap is in short supply. These are areas where poor hygiene causes daily challenges and high death rates, especially among children younger than five. Clean the World is making these trips available to all who are interested in participating in this potentially life-changing experience.

Representatives from Clean the World and interested supporters will help distribute 10,000 bars of soap to 1,500 children in orphanages, soup kitchens, schools and villages. At least six volunteers are needed to conduct the excursion, which will likely shed new light on the plight of people struggling to overcome hygiene challenges in villages far from our own backyards.

The immersion experience will be a real eye-opener for people who want to bring basic hygiene items to children and adults in schools and villages that lack these necessities.
If you are interested, please contact Rosanna Kingston at volunteers@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help save lives with soap.
Destination: Guatemala
Travel dates: September 23-24
Registration deadline: July 22
Destination: Honduras
Travel dates: October 15-18
Registration deadline: August 8

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