Hotel CSR: Social Causes And ‘Doing Good’ Will Remain Integral In Hospitality

[…] “In 2011, Starwood Hotels & Resorts became the first corporate partner of Clean the World, Soap Saves Lives. The Orlando, Florida-based social enterprise and global recycler collects and recycles soaps and bottled amenities. The soaps and cleaning products are sanitized, re-packaged and distributed within 60 days to children and families in the United States, Canada and more than 40 countries. (Clean the World has teamed up with more than 1,300 hospitality groups. In just three years after it was initiated, Clean the World has recycled and distributed nearly 10 million bars of soap.) By simply recycling and sanitizing soaps, shampoos and conditioners, thousands of children around the world can be protected from deadly illnesses each day; this is at no cost to the hotel or the hotel guest. It’s as simple as this: Soap Saves Lives.” …

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