Promoting Hand Hygiene In Guatemala With Clean the World And ACI

“As part of its commitment to social engagement, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) supports the nonprofit Clean the World (CTW) in its effort to improve personal hygiene standards while recycling hotel amenities like soap. Lack of basic hygiene is a leading cause of mortality in children worldwide; CTW’s approach is an effective way to save lives through a holistic approach that integrates soap with a comprehensive water, sanitation and hygiene program. At a recent meeting with ACI (Clorox is a member company), Clorox employees contributed time to build “Hygiene kits” for CTW. Clorox’s Mary-Ann Warmerdam built the most kits and, as a reward, was invited to go on a trip to distribute the kits in Guatemala. She shared her thoughts on the experience.


Sometimes the simplest things that we take for granted in the developed world can make a huge difference in the life of a child and her family. Who would have thought that a bar of soap could be that impactful? Bob Miller, director of global stewardship, and I had a chance to see that yes, in fact, it can make a difference. And it was an amazing experience!

As participants in CTW’s Hygiene Ambassador program, we spent four days in Guatemala last month taking part in a hand hygiene education and soap distribution initiative.” …

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