A Letter from Our Team

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Dear Awesome Supporters,

Happy National Gratitude Month! We couldn’t think of a better time to send you a massive virtual hug and a treasure chest of thank yous. November is all about celebrating gratitude, and YOU are at the top of our gratitude list.

To our fabulous clients, you’re not just clients but partners in our epic adventures. You’ve embraced our mission like champs and turned it into a wild ride of impact and good times.

For our charity partners, you’re the real-life superheroes. You are constantly on the front lines, making sure our kits find their way to those who need them most. We’re in awe of your dedication!

And to our loyal newsletter readers and social media followers, you’re our cheerleaders. You stay in the loop and keep the energy alive. Thank you for hanging out with us and sharing the excitement!

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Together, we’ve achieved so much. We’ve distributed thousands of kits filled with love and hope and watched communities transform. It’s like our own little (okay, not so little) impact party, and you’re all invited!

Last of all, we hope you have a happy and healthy new year! Your commitment to creating a better world is awe-inspiring, and together, we’re unstoppable. With a heart full of gratitude and excitement, we’re ready to embrace the future with even more fun, more change, and more impact!

Here’s to our unstoppable journey and all the fantastic things still to come.



Your CTW Events Team

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