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Although some commercial waste management companies make hotels separate their recyclables (paper, plastics, glass, etc.), much of your plastics are not recycled at all. In fact, they get sent straight to the landfill.

That’s why we are different! Our Global Hospitality Recycling Program gives hotels an easy way to recycle their discarded guest room soaps and plastic bottle amenities while making a positive impact on their environment.

Let’s delve into why plastic recycling matters, the challenges with commercial waste management, and how Clean the World leads the way in hotel plastic recycling.

Commercial Waste Management Challenges

Contrary to common belief, curbside recycling doesn’t always extend to all plastics, especially those from hotel amenities. You may be wondering why; however, the answer is simple: plastic is difficult to recycle.

The two biggest challenges plaguing waste management companies are the type of plastics they receive and the liquids inside the bottles.

Selective Recycling

There are 7 different types of plastics that all differ in their materials and composition. Unfortunately, some plastics are easier to recycle than others. Because of this, most commercial waste management programs only recycle 2 out of the 7 types of plastics.

Prepping Your Plastic

Leftover liquid contents in a bottle will clog up recycling machines, making recycling certain plastics unappealing and costing companies thousands in repairs.

With these challenges, recycling discarded hotel bottle amenities can be costly to most commercial waste management services. Most commercial waste management services actually avoid it altogether.

When plastic goes unrecycled, it has a devastating environmental impact as it can take over 500 years to decompose, contributing to long-lasting ecological harm. Because of these mishaps in proper plastic recycling, 8 million metric tons of mismanaged plastics enter our oceans every year.

At Clean the World, we’ve mastered the ability to recycle all your plastic bottled amenities. We’re here to help you reduce your environmental footprint and protect our planet!

Clean the World Recycling: A Sustainable Solution

We differ from your commercial waste management service because we can fully recycle your plastic amenity bottles. Here’s how we make a difference:

We work closely with every hotel to tailor a recycling solution based on your needs. You can trust that we will give your discarded items a new life and not send them to landfills.

Our plastic recycling process separates the liquid from your bottles and converts the plastic into flakes. Those recycled flakes are then turned into a variety of recycled products. The liquids get extracted and turned into commercial detergents, closing the recycling loop.

Your hotel can play a pivotal role in environmental conservation. Let’s work together to turn the tide on plastic waste.

Sign up today and join Clean the World in our mission for a sustainable tomorrow. 

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