African Missions for Christ Receives Hygiene Items from Clean the World!

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AMFC President and Evangelist Oluwafeyihanwa “Theresa” Madedor is planning a mission trip to Liberia and Sierra Leone during March and April. Today, she visited Clean the World to gather needed supplies for her trip: 5000 bars of soap and 40 cases of bottled amenities.
The African Missions for Christ office is located here in Orlando, Florida. Under the leadership of Ms. Madedor, they work with churches of all Christian denominations on different projects such as providing food, clothing and medical services for those in need. Ms. Madedor was born in Lagos State Nigeria and returns to Africa through short-term missions to give back. During her last mission trip, over 29,000 children were helped with food, school supplies and basic necessities. She stated that many times, the children that are helped own only the clothing on their backs.
This spring, her missions to Liberia and Sierra Leone will connect her to three main churches—one of which has outreach to 69 smaller village churches—in three towns that assist the “neediest of the needy”. Along with the clothing, food, and other donated items, Ms. Madedor will take Clean the World recycled soaps and bottled amenities to villagers to teach the children about the importance of handwashing for their health.
We are thankful for our partnership with African Missions for Christ and Oluwafeyihanwa “Theresa” Madedor and we wish her great success in her upcoming mission to Africa!!  
(For more information, please see http://www.amfcafrica.net/1/)

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