Crystal Keeps the Soap on the Road

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One of the things hotels love about working with Clean the World is that we provide them with printed, pre-paid shipping labels. When a collection bin is full, all a hospitality partner has to do is seal it, apply the shipping label and wait for UPS to pick it up.

With housekeepers collecting soap at more than 1,700 hotels and inns across North America, we move a lot of bins from the properties to our facilities in Orlando and Las Vegas. And that means we print a lot of shipping labels. As a matter of fact, we can tell you exactly how many labels we printed in 2012.
And they were all prepared and printed by one person: Crystal Bowdery.

Crystal has been with Clean the World since April of 2011. She started on our Operations team and worked her way up to Customer Service. This logistics wizard provides all our partners with labels for inbound shipping, and also sends out the replacement bins so collections can continue. And if that’s not enough, Crystal handles issues such as lost packages and claims.

All of Crystal’s hard work supports our sustainability efforts, because Clean the World participates in the UPS carbon neutral shipping program. Read more about the program on the UPS website.

Thanks, Crystal, for everything you do!

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