ALERT: Clean the World Hotel Partners

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Clean the World is currently mobilizing and organizing several large hygiene product collections that have been committed today in addition to the normal processing and collection we receive because of your commitment to our recycling program. Additionally, we call on all soap manufacturers and amenity providers to donate as much over stock or inventory to Clean the World.

We will partner with World Vision, Harvest Time International and Feed the Children to send containers of sanitation products into Haiti as soon as they gain clearance to deliver.

Additionally, Royal Caribbean has graciously offered space on cruise ships this weekend and next weekend to deliver hygiene products into the northern region of Haiti, where Clean the World has direct distribution on the ground. We are coordinating with our partners, Cap Haitien Health Network and Evangelical Church of Haiti (ECH) to provide transportation from the northern region into the impact zone as soon as the items arrive.

Many Clean the World Partner Hotels have contacted and requested how to help. There are three ways:

1) Please contact your local media (TV, radio, print, etc) and ensure that Clean the World is listed as an International AID organization with direct relief support to Haiti. We need this awareness to be built at every level

2) Ensure you are maximizing your current collections. Please make sure every room attendant and house keeper is fully participating so that we can receive as much soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath el as possible.

3) We are calling on all our Florida AND National Clean the World Hotel Partners to serve as collection points for individuals in your community that want to donate unused, unopened hygiene products. It will work like this:

a. Individuals in your community should be notified by you and by Clean the World (we will reach out to all local media for all our partners) that you are receiving unused, unopened, new hygiene products that will be distributed directly into Haiti for the relief efforts

b. Allow your community to drop the items off at your hotel in an area you designate.

c. Place the donated items in your collection or shipping bins

d. Clean the World understands that this will increase our pickup frequencies and the number of bins being shipped in from across the US. Today, we received a high number of financial donations that will be used to supplement the additional cost of pickups and shipping due to this program.

e. There will be NO ADDITIONAL cost to your property to participate.

f. We anticipate heavy volumes of donations over the upcoming weeks, with donations subsiding some time after.

If you wish to participate in this local community collection program, please email me directly, copy Steve DeLisle, National Operations Director, sdelisle@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com and Steven Cooper, Operations, scooper@ctw2.wpstagecoach.com

Again, we will notify the general public and your local media. You should also do the same.

We are prepared to begin receiving the additional donations immediately. Please consider and email back as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that because of legal and operational limitations, You must be a current Clean the World Hotel Partner to participate in this program. If you are not yet, please sign up today!

History has called us to this moment. We are incredibly happy that YOU are part of the Clean the World Hospitality Family!


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