Keep Haiti in your Thoughts and Prayers!!

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Today in Haiti a terrible tragedy struck. Just ten miles from the most populous area near the city of Port au Prince a powerful earthquake struck. The government of Haiti is calling it a catastrophe and reaching out the world for help.

As you know Clean the World has been working to continuously deliver soap to Haiti through the Cap Hatien Health Network and the

Evangelical Church of Haiti. We have made many friends and connections throughout the country. We are now hearing terrible stories of tragedy and death from these friends.

We knew the need was great before, now the need is greater than ever. In the coming days and weeks, aid will start to reach Haiti and Clean the World is determined to be there. We have soap ready to go. We need cash donations in order to deliver it to those that need it so badly. Some will deliver medical aid, some will deliver food and water, with your help Clean the World will deliver soap. This soap will be critical in saving lives.
Please go to our website and donate whatever you can. http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/donate-money.asp

Thank you. And pray for our bothers and sisters in Haiti.


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