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As a child, I moved around quite a bit. My father is a life-long retailer, which, from a moving perspective, is almost as bad as being a life-long military man. We moved up and down the state of Florida, north to Chicago, south to Texas, but always made our way back to Florida. There was something about Florida that kept bringing us back. For me, one of the reasons was Christmas in Florida. This may sound very odd to many of you reading this blog across the country today that are experiencing the beautiful powder and chilled weather that Santa enjoys, but for me, I really enjoy a blue sky, 60 – 70 degree, sunny Christmas day.

I enjoy the time off between Christmas and New Years and the activities that can be done in 65 degree weather, like golfing, outdoor basketball or biking or walking around the outdoor shops and plazas with my wife. It’s when a Floridian says “What a beautiful day for a football game!”

It’s the time of year where I can enjoy the outside weather with my children and even do what I consider “the ultimate” with them- take them to Disney or Universal or Sea World to enjoy them enjoying themselves. For some of the rather warm month’s we experience, this is the time of year that we Floridians live for. Sure, maybe one or two chilly days are acceptable. By chilly, I mean no lower than 45 degrees, but that only because my wife needs a few to keep her happy. J For me, sunny, blue skies, and time off is enjoying life.

This year, the skies may seem a little bluer and happier as it will mark the very first Christmas spent with a new family- the Clean the World Family. Not because I am new but because we are all new. Isn’t it incredible to know that we have only been in existence for 10 months?

The success of the CTW family is only made possible with the almost daily addition of more and more Hospitality Partners from across the country. As they join, we want you to know who and where these properties are, and thank them with emails, phone calls or by booking a stay with them. They are the reason we exist and should be commended for their commitment to Saving Lives and Saving our Planet.

We are incredibly pleased to announce two new properties that have joined our program. These two properties are located in Florida, where their guest will be enjoying Christmas in Florida over the next few weeks.

If you are on your way to The Villages this year to visit family or friends, say hello to our newest member, the Best Western Chain of Lakes Inn & Suites (http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/productInfo.do?propertyCode=10381). Conveniently located right in the center of the beautiful state of Florida, a few miles from The Villages, they join a number of properties that have joined the Clean the World Family because of our dear friend Bill Pullen who has been spreading the Clean the World word for so many months. See the other Leesburg properties here on our partner page: http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/participating-hotels.asp#villages. On your next visit to friends and family in the North Central Florida area, stop by to thank Jennifer and the entire team there for being a part of the Clean the World Family.

And right outside the gates of Disney World, sits another one of our newest CTW Hospitality family members: The Orlando Vista Hotel. They are an official Walt Disney World Good Neighbor and can be visited online here: http://www.orlandovistahotel.com/. With 246 guest rooms, and nestled right in the heart of all the Orlando fun, the Orlando Vista Hotel is a perfect “Christmas in Florida” destination. They have kid’s club suites, especially designed for children, all the amenities, the Vista Café, Pineapple Lounge, and one more awesome outside activities to do in Florida this time of year- swimming as they have an outdoor heated pool, a children’s pool and a hot tub! For our northern friends, trust me on this one: swimming in a heated pool in 70 degree sunny weather is much more enjoyable than the polar ice swims enjoyed in your parts. J

We are so grateful to our two newest properties for joining our unique recycling program. The state of Florida has been incredible in this life saving venture and we encourage all of those reading and listening to the audio blog to take time this holiday to stay a night at one of these wonderful properties or recommend them to a friend or family member coming to Florida for Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy your family. And no matter where you are located, I hope that you enjoy your weather too. J


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