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An impactful blog written by Clean the World Global Operations Director, William Lowry:

It has not been too often in history that individuals or groups have changed history as a part of a plan. There have been some great leaders who have shaped the annals of history because they captured a moment of time or were captured by a principle, idea, or cause within a moment of time. History is usually understood when we look back at it. It is then that we realize actions altered , affected, or shaped what would become history. Most of us live our lives trying to do good, helping others when we can, and hoping to leave this life with a “life sentence” or legacy that is positive and appreciated. The possibility that we could make such a difference that would literally change history is far from our minds. So when an opportunity to truly change history comes along, it is not so easy to recognize. It is overlooked or viewed through our own skepticism. It takes a second or maybe even a third look to realize that the opportunity is right at our doorstep.

As Clean the World has pursued its mission and as this simple yet profound concept, of collecting soap from hotels to give it away where it is desperately needed, has evolved, we have begun to consider the idea that this might be a moment in time when WE could shape the future in a significant and detectable way in the lives of individuals and even an entire culture. It seems beyond reach. It seems grandiose…until you take a closer look. Take for example, the country of Haiti. We began our soap distribution there because it is understood to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere. But in the country of Haiti, you will find a people who are determined and hopeful. They have such resilience and perseverance. They are creative and persistent. Yet also within the culture, there exists various superstitions and ideas that are carryovers from a time when voodoo was so widely accepted and practiced. Now generations later, many humanitarian efforts and missionaries later, there is still a strong presence of those beliefs and superstitions. A society always has hope of change, if the next generation can be reached. When those children become the leaders of that society, their new ideas and beliefs will either bring good or bad to the future, but will definitely shape that society’s direction.

What makes this such a remarkable opportunity, is that Clean the World has the chance to affect the future generations of an entire society. By bringing soap, saving lives, and reeducating the children we can help secure a sound and healthy understanding of hygiene and prevention of the spread of deadly diseases. As these children grow and become leaders, their impact will be realized in 5 or 10 or 15 years. That will happen within our lifetime. That means the more we can reach, the greater the impact. That means the sooner we can get there with our efforts, the sooner this impact will take place.

Did you ever dream that in your lifetime, you could be a part of changing history? Who would have ever thought? A bar of soap in the hands of a child whose life is threatened without it. Such a simple concept. Such a simple idea. Consider this!!! This idea, especially in its simplicity, could have been exploited at any time in history. Someone else could have considered this idea 10 or 20 years ago. But for whatever reason, it has been preserved until now. You are alive now at this time in history. Is that an accident? Or is it supposed to be that way? As you read or listen to this blog, you have been tagged for this moment in time!

COME let’s change history in our lifetime! Join the Clean the World Team!!!!!!


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