Clean the World is Privileged to help The Floating Doctors!

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What a great blog to start a great week with: Let me tell you about an awesome non-profit, with very cool people who are truly focused on addressing needs, overcoming obstacles, and getting help to those that need it most.

Last week, Clean the World had the privilege of delivering 858 pounds of soap and over 2,000 sewing kits to a massive, 76 foot sailboat. The Southern Wind, as its named, is fully loaded with 20,000 pounds of medical supplies as it sets sail on its mission. Pushing out to sea from St. Augustine, FL yesterday, November 1, The Southern Wind is taking its 15 member crew of extremely talented and caring individuals on a 15 country sail.

But this isn’t just a medical supply transport boat. No, it is far, far more… It’s the Floating Doctors! A floating, sailing, navigating on the high seas, non-profit doctor’s office. Fully equipped with supplies, a labratory, and, well, very cool doctors and medical students committed to serving and helping those that need them and their practice. The Floating Doctors are committed to Saving Lives!

Led by Dr. Banjamin LaBrot, the Floating Doctors overcome shipping and logistical challenges often preventing these critical, life saving supplies and practices from reaching the islands and areas of the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific that they will sail to and serve. In addition to Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, The Floating Doctors will take supplies to Cap Haitien, Haiti, an area very dear and close to the heart of Clean the World.

Dr. Ted Kaplan, our dear friend and partner, who heads the Cap Haitien Health Network, has coordinated with the Floating Doctors to pay a visit to the northern region of Haiti, desperate for medical supplies and doctor visits. It is because of Dr. Ted Kaplan that Clean the World learned of The Floating Doctors and was privileged to supply soap and sewing kits to the floating medical mission.

CNN recently did a wonderful, detailed story on The Floating Doctors. Please click on this link, read the story, and watch the video. This is an amazing group of individuals that is sacrificing a tremendous amount, leaving friends, family and jobs, to meet the medical needs of people that truly need it. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/10/28/floating.doctors.sailboat/index.html

Again, I cannot stress this enough- We at Clean the World are very privileged to have been able to be a part of helping The Floating Doctors on their mission. Please think about them, pray for them, and maybe even send them a note of encouragement at their web-site: http://floatingdoctors.com/ .

Have a great week!


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