Is Virginia’s Hotel Floyd the GREENEST hotel you have ever seen?

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Up early, working on a great opportunity to deliver soap to those that need it most, and figured I would catch up on a blog. This early morning treat is sponsored by and for our good friend, Jeremy! 🙂

Now here is a great addition to the Clean the World family of Hotel Partners- The Hotel Floyd located in downtown Floyd, Virginia. From reviewing the site, this quaint, beautifully decorated hotel has all the accomoations and receives rave reviews from its guest. Seems “standard” at first….
But a deeper review and you realize, this may be THE GREENEST hotel we have in our family. Hotel Floyd is not only committed to a great stay, but they have built a property around the notions of Sustainability and Eco-Friendly.

This excerpt was taken from their home page: “Built in 2007 employing the latest green technologies, along with sustainable building materials and furnishings, Hotel Floyd is a designated “Virginia Green Lodging” establishment, adhering to its core values and beyond. From state-of-the-art Geothermal heating & cooling, to eco-friendly paints, fabrics, and renewable bamboo floors; each aspect reflecting our commitment to thoughtful choices for a sustainable future. But these are just the bones…”

Want some more, you must visit this Green Design page on their site: http://hotelfloyd.com/virginiawineries.aspx. From bamboo flooring, to eco friendly paints and a Onity energy management solutions energy system that incorporates efficiency and ENERGY STAR appliances and so much more, I can confidently make this claim and challenge:

The Hotel Floyd is the most Green and Energy Efficient hotel I have ever seen… Visit the above page, read all the details, and then I challenge you to find a more Green and Sustainable hotel!

Close to our heart, Hotel Floyd also uses eco-friendly soaps and shampoos. But guess what they did as soon as they heard about Clean the World on the CBS evening news: they contacted us and signed up for our soap and shampoo recycling program. So now all the slightly used soap and bathroom amenities will be sent to Orlando where Clean the World will completely sterilize, recycle, sanitize and re-package the soaps and shampoos for delivery to homeless shelters and impoverished people abroad suffering high mortality rates from a lack of hygiene.

Think about this- the Hotel Floyd already features soap and shampoo that is eco-friendly. Even the packaging is safe for the environment. But their commitment and dedication to re-purposing these amenities as a life saving necessity speaks volumes about their heart. That is Awesome! And for that, speaking on behalf of the entire CTW family, we are very grateful!

Thank you Hotel Floyd for your true commitment to a truly Green, Sustainable, and Eco- Friendly hotel. And Thank you for your true commitment to Saving Lives!


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