Embracing Hope and Compassion

Embracing Hope and Compassion

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As the first half of the year 2023 comes to an end, we take this time to look back and reflect on the many important communities that make up our diverse and beautiful world. Each year, on June 20th, people around the world come together to commemorate World Refugee Day. This significant event serves as a reminder of the 82.4 million individuals who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or violence. World Refugee Day offers a platform to honor the resilience and courage of refugees while raising awareness about their plight and reaffirming our commitment to supporting and protecting their rights. 

Photos courtesy of Convoy of Hope.

Championing Solidarity and Compassion: In line with the compassionate spirit of World Refugee Day, Clean the World is providing much-needed support to refugees and asylum seekers by organizing global Hygiene Kit Building Experience events with socially responsible corporations and by distributing the kits to vulnerable populations in 127 countries. One of the leading companies to have shown their strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by collaborating with Clean the World is Amazon. In the past twelve months, their employees have assembled over 250,000 hygiene kits, which were distributed to refugees across Europe, taking the number of refugees aided by Clean the World to 4.5 million. 

Celebrating Refugee Contributions: World Refugee Day is a great occasion to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions refugees make to society by bringing their unique skills, talents, and perspectives that enrich the cultural fabric and contribute to the economic growth and innovation of their host communities. 

But, most of all, World Refugee Day serves as a call to action. We invite you to join Clean the World’s commitment to supporting refugees around the world by hosting or participating in one of our kit building activities or by donating hygiene supplies.

Let’s unite in our commitment to building a world that embraces hope, compassion, and justice for refugees and make the world a better place! 

Learn more about our partners and their efforts to support refugees. 

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