Clean the World welcomes THE PIG as a new Global Hospitality Recycling partner in the UK.

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Clean the World is thrilled to announce its Global Hospitality Recycling Program partnership with THE PIG, which operates a collection of small lifestyle hotels within the UK with a focus on authenticity, informal design, and eco-friendly practices. 

Each PIG hotel has its own personality and sense of self. Every property comes with laid-back, warm service and a genuine commitment to environmental and social responsibility. THE PIG hotels aim to deliver an outstanding experience for every guest; a ‘wow’ moment that surprises and delights for a price that won’t break the bank.

THE PIG has long been recognised as a pioneer in sustainable hospitality, and, with their unique blend of luxury and environmental consciousness, their properties have become synonymous with responsible tourism in the UK. A partnership with Clean the World allows THE PIG to take their unwavering commitment to sustainability a step further by implementing a reliable and report-driven amenity waste recycling program.

Photos by Jake Eastham

Since 2009, Clean the World has partnered with over 8,100 hotels globally and has distributed over 75 million bars of soap to 127 countries. As the organisations operations have naturally expanded, Clean the World now recycles plastic bottle amenity waste, turning them into flakes that are used to manufacture new products. Clean the World continues to recycle used soap, which is processed into new soap bars that are subsequently distributed to communities in need around the world.

Clean the World’s Impact Reporting System will allow THE PIG to accurately track and measure their individual hotel’s impact when it comes to various sustainability metrics, such as carbon footprint reduction and water savings. These metrics are mapped to the amount of soap and plastic recycled, providing tangible evidence and feedback of The PIG’s positive environmental impact, which can be shared with internal and external stakeholders. The detailed reporting will also help THE PIG hotels identify areas where further enhancements can be made.

THE PIG’s dedicated commitment to sustainable practices, combined with Clean the World’s expertise in circularity and sustainable solutions, will undoubtedly result in driving further ESG impact in the UK, hence inspiring others in the industry to follow suit by adopting similar practices.

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