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Did you know that more than 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation?

Due to WASH-related causes (those involving Water, Sanitation, or Hygiene), the leading cause of death for children under five is still hygiene-related illnesses like diarrhea and pneumonia. More children die from WASH-related causes than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined.

These numbers are shocking, but that’s why Clean the World is here to help! As a global social enterprise comprised of two entities, we are working mightily toward a common goal of eliminating these killers, through access to soap and hygiene education programs.

Clean the World collaborates with hotels to recycle their gently used soap and hygiene amenities through our Hospitality Recycling Program. In addition, we offer a corporate social responsibility and team-building program through our Clean the World Hygiene Kit Building Events.

Clean the World Foundation is the vehicle that drives soap distribution and WASH programming to children and families all over the world. Clean the World Foundation delivers the recycled amenities from Clean the World to provide for those in need globally. So far, we have already delivered over 45 million bars of soap across 127 countries.

Clean the World needs your help and support to reach our full potential! In order to successfully combat WASH-related illnesses, action from the global community is imperative. Here’s how you can get involved with Clean the World:

At Clean the World, we deeply value and appreciate contributions of any amount! Whether ten, one hundred or one thousand dollars, your donation can make a difference. Donations don’t have to be monetary– visit our Amazon wishlist to see a full list of goods that we need. Some of these items include mops, wastebaskets, first aid kits, paper towels and more!

Build Hygiene Kits:
Companies, clubs, and service organizations can all host hygiene kit building events that give back, build teamwork, and create a renewed focus on the community! Get your friends and family involved by hosting a hygiene kit building event of your own.

Register your nonprofit event online and easily manage your event and additional donations. Distributing hygiene kits in your local community can greatly benefit your neighbors in need. Our hygiene kits utilize recycled soaps and products, which can help your organization meet its sustainability goals.

In 2017, our volunteers dedicated 48,752 hours of service for Clean the World. Join us to help make our dream where every person has access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene a reality. Volunteer in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Hong Kong. Volunteering is one of the most impactful ways to give back to our global community. Your time is valuable to our mission to address urgent global health needs!

Join Our Hotel Recycling Program:
Do you own or work for a hotel company? Turn your trash into treasure! Depending on the size of your hotel, you probably are throwing away hundreds of bars of soap away daily. A waste reduction program with soap and bottled amenity recycling can protect the environment, preserve natural resources, and reduce costs. Give your discarded soaps and hygiene amenities new life through our recycling program


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