Drive for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important and is becoming more highly demanded by consumers—and we believe this is good news! CSR, a broad term to describe a company’s efforts to make a positive societal impact, is the corporate world’s opportunity to start being about more than just profit.

B corporations like Clean the World take CSR a step further by balancing profit and purpose. They (and we do too!) buy into the idea that it shouldn’t only be non-profits who are making a difference, but businesses too. Of course, there are profit-increasing benefits of CSR too, because better CSR “improves public image, increases media coverage, boosts employee engagement,” and “attracts and retains investors.” For even the purest-intentioned companies, it is ok it acknowledge that CSR can aid corporate success.

Part of the reason why CSR is gaining traction is because consumers are noticing when it happens and making their purchasing decisions accordingly. According to a recent study by Cone Communication, corporations find impact and sustainable CSR programs deliver measurable results and revenue benefits. When a company supports a social or environmental issue, it improves corporate reputation with customers.

Conducting good CSR can start small. Clean the World offers a unique and engaging team building experience that allows you to support your local community while fulfilling your CSR goals. Organize a hygiene kit build and give the gift of hygiene to individuals in need. Though the societal and environmental issues in the world may seem looming, CSR is paving a way for sustainable solutions, leaving Clean the World hopeful about the future.

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