Giving thanks for recycling soap, delivering hope

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Our mission at Clean the World is simple, but profound. We are leading a “hygiene revolution” to stop the spread of preventable diseases by providing life-saving soap. But we couldn’t accomplish any of this without your help, and for that, we are forever grateful.

As many U.S. citizens celebrate Thanksgiving Day and people around the world prepare for Christmas and Channukah holidays, we all should give thanks for the many blessings we receive daily. While doing so, we need to realize that there are many others who are less fortunate, and who may benefit from our help at this time of year.

Each day around the world more than 9,000 children die from diseases that can be prevented through proper hand washing with soap. Our global mission to put soap in the hands of people who need it most will help ensure that in the future children have a chance to live healthy lives.

Clean the World has distributed more than 6 million bars of soap worldwide in less than two years. This would not be possible without the generosity and support of our hotel partners, fans and followers throughout the globe. And I want to take this time to thank you personally for your generosity.

Let’s give thanks to…

Our more than 550 hotel partners in North America who provide the bulk of the soaps and bottled amenities that are distributed throughout the world. You are a tremendous resource for good and your dedication to corporate social responsibility should be admired and rewarded by guests who stay at your properties.

Our global distribution partners, such as World Vision, Floating Doctors, and others who help deliver our soaps worldwide and personally place them in the hands of children and families who directly benefit from our hygiene revolution. May God bless your efforts always.

Our volunteers who come to Clean the World and selflessly dedicated their time and talent to our mission. Girls Scout troops, Boy Scout troops, public and private schools; corporations, chambers of commerce, medical associations and meeting planners – we thank you all for your dedication to Clean the World and your advocacy of our programs far and wide.

Our donors who continually send us soap in small and large quantities all with the best intentions in mind. Your painstaking efforts to collect and send soaps on our behalf keep us motivated and help support our hotel collection efforts in a very meaningful way that benefits children and families.

Our Clean the World staff members, who through their own tireless dedication continually remind us all of that passion is priceless, especially in a “non-profit” environment.

Special thanks to Diane Jaffari, who passed away recently. As a dedicated supporter of Clean the World she buoyed our spirits and cheered us on. In her memory, we have created a memorial page for her friends and family to make donations to Clean the World, something her son says “would make her immensely proud.” http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/dianejaffari.asp.

And to the countless supporters, Facebook followers and Twitter fans who continually spread the word about Clean the World and share our mission with people we may never meet via social media. We’re closer to you than you think. Thanks for keeping Clean the World on your mind and in your hearts. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

And our financial donors who send us money online and via traditional mail to help support our soap recycling and distribution efforts. We hope you’ll continue to do so and encourage you to share this donation link with friends and family: http://localhost:8888/cleantheworld/donate-money.asp. Your generosity, particularly in the form of financial donations to Clean the world, will be richly rewarded when you realize the good your contribution will do:

$25 provides 85 children with soap for one month
$50 provides 170 children with soap for one month
$100 provides 340 children with soap for one month
$500 provides 1,700 children with soap for one month
$1000 provides 3,400 children with soap for one month

We recently filed our first IRS Form 990 which shows that more than 96 percent of your donations go directly toward the life-saving mission of Clean the World. That is well-above average for non-profit organizations, as we are doing all we can to streamline operations and maximize the benefits of your thoughtful gift.

So, thank you… all of you… for supporting Clean the World. We are empowered by your efforts and are strengthened by your passion.

Thank you for helping Clean the World.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Shawn Seipler


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