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Minnesota students deliver avalanche of soap

Despite a blizzard that closed schools, shut down area airports and collapsed the MetroDome (sorry, Vikings fans), students in Minnesota’s Edina school district came through with a tremendous haul of donated soap to help fight cholera in Haiti.
Students at several schools in the Twin Cities suburb got together in the month of December to collect 1,100 lbs. of soap – more than a ½ ton – to help children in Haiti battle an outbreak of cholera. And they sent all of their collected soaps to Clean the World for distribution in Haiti. Truly amazing…
But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the news coverage and listen to the kids themselves. You can feel their passion and understand how meaningful this soap drive has been to them, and it won’t be their last.

Edina Students Providing Hope Through Soap 

Clean the World salutes the students, faculty and parents in Edina, Minn. for your remarkable contribution to advancing our “hygiene revolution” from your own neighborhood to neighborhoods, homes and families around the world.
Other soap donation success stories:

        G. Stanley Hall Elementary School in Glendale Heights, Ill. collected and donated 1,002 soap bars to help the children of Haiti. 
        Julius West Middle School in Rockville, Md. collected and delivered 300 lbs. of soap for Clean the World.
        Lakes Region Spirit in New Hampshire involved an entire community in a soap drive for Haiti and Clean the World. They collected nearly 7,000 soap bars from people and businesses all around their neighborhood. And they’re not done yet.
        The University of Hawaii at Manoa donated 7 boxes of soap (roughly 125 lbs.) to help stop the cholera outbreak in Haiti from nearly half-a-world away. Aloha!
        AAA Washington donated 800 soap bars as part of its annual “Soap for Hope” campaign.
        Handmade soapmaker Katie Courtney from Beautiful Tree Huggers sent a large batch of new soaps & soap remnants to help Clean the World.
        Soap distributor Richard Parmalee of Massachusetts sent us a unique collection of handmade soaps from Afghanistan, courtesy of the Arghand Cooperative.
        Karen Anne MacDonald of Melrose, Mass. has been an active shopper at the Clean the World Amazon.com store. She sent four, separate shipments direct from Amazon to Clean the World. In addition to the soaps, Clean the World receives a percentage of the sales for all soaps purchased at this dedicated Amazon.com store. It’s a no-hassle way to benefit Clean the World with soap and donations to keep us moving forward into 2011.
        8-year-old Elizabeth O’Brien started her own soap drive in Merrimack Valley, Mass. and collected more than 200 soap bars in less than a month.
        7-year-old Jayden Sanders of Zionsville, Ind., went door-to-door with a friend in her neighborhood, and filled her red wagon with a large box full of new soaps and $46 to help pay for their distribution.
        Another young girl, Anna Jensen of Wheaton, Ill., sent two big packages of soaps with a note that read: “Hi, my name is Anna. I collected soap for Haiti to keep Haiti people safe. Thank you for sending it to them.”
And there are so many more people, organizations, corporations and partners who have come forward with soap donations this year. We can’t possibly thank you all individually (well, we could, but the newsletter would be really, really long). So, we’ll say a simple “thank you” to all who support Clean the World and who will continue to support our “hygiene revolution” in the new year.
We all have blessings to share. Thanks for helping Clean the World.
Shawn Seipler
Executive Director

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