Grand, Green Achievement for Oregon Hotel

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The Grand Hotel in Salem, Ore., is now an EarthWISE-certified business. The flagship property of VIP’S Industries has been a Clean the World partner for more than two years.

The hotel and Bentley’s Grill, which is an on-property restaurant, are the first hotel and restaurant in Oregon’s Marion County to be EarthWISE certified. The certification through
Marion County’s EarthWISE program recognizes a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

In addition to recycling soap and bottled amenities through Clean the World, The Grand Hotel and Bentley’s have implemented:

     – Use of 100% recycled paper for all printed material
     – Utilize Earth-friendly cleaning solutions and drainage system
     – Supports local economy by purchasing products and food from local suppliers
     – Operates on Energy Star appliances
     – Sleeping room towel and linen program that allows guests to re-use bedding and towels
     – Sleeping room and public area recycling
     – Replacement of all lighting in guest rooms with cool white compact fluorescent lighting
     – Composting throughout entire facility
     – Extensive recycling of all plastic material.
     – Purchase wind power to offset energy cost

Marion County’s EarthWISE Program is a free environmental assistance
program offered to all businesses in the county. To be certified, businesses must
meet the standards summarized in the EarthWISE certification application. After an
application is received, an on‐site certification assessment determines whether or not the EarthWISE certification is warranted.


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