How much has Clean the World received and where’s it all going?

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On a regular basis, I want to ensure that our entire Clean the World community of partners, supporters, volunteers, and well wishers know exactly how much soap and bottled amenities (shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gel) we have received, collected, processed and re-distributed.

Since our inception in February, 2009, our first hotel pickup in March, 2009 and our first delivery to the Central Care Mission in April, 2009, we have received and donated the following:

– Over 9,400 pounds of bar soap has been collected from hotel partners. That’s approximately 100,266 bars of soap (1.5 oz bars) donated, sterlized or re-batched, and recycled. Pretty cool, eh?

– Over 4,500 pounds of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gel has been collected and recycled from hotel partners

***And with the recent increase of CTW hotel partners, 10,425 pounds or 5 TONS of the above that has been collected, processed and recycled over the last 60 days alone!!***

– Soap makers and manufacturers have donated over 440,000 pounds of soap and other hotel amenities… sorry, what did I say?!?… Oh Yes, that’s correct- Our soap maker community and soap manufacturers, led by Marietta Corp, one of the hotel industries leading hygiene and hotel amenity providers (found here: http://www.mariettacorp.com/ ), have stepped up to the plate BIG TIME with donations of crucial items needed by those less fortunate.

Here’s something else that you may not have known- Clean the World also collects and distributes other hotel amenities such as sewing kits, shoe shine kits, shoe mitts, pens, pads, laundry bags, shower caps, and vanity kits. Think about how valuable a sewing kit is to someone who only has tattered clothes. Or how a shoe shine kit may give a homeless man or woman a psychological boost before heading into a potentially life altering job interview. It all matters and it all helps!

May we take a moment to thank Marietta Corp, soap makers, and amenity providers for their commitment to SAVING LIVES. It makes a lot of sense actually- As soap makers and amenity providers, they know the value that cleansing oneself and proper care has to an individual’s body, mind and spirit. From disease prevention to the psychological impact of a good, thorough cleaning, they are in the business of providing simple necessities that I dare some of us may take for granted.

And on the lighter side, but the absolute truth- Representing the best soap maker name category, Thank you to the “Naked Soap Maker” of Montpelier, ID, who donated 18 pounds of soap to Clean the World… The naked truth is- every little bit helps! (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Ok- Back to the numbers….

Guess what the value of all that soap and other amenities is: Over $475,000 !!!! It is only because of the commitment and dedication of the entire Clean the World family of partners and supports that this little soap collecting and recycling charity from Orlando Florida has been able to receive so much valuable soap, amenities and hygiene products!!!

To date, Clean the World has processed or recycled, and distributed over 90% of all of the soap, bottled products and other hotel amenities received. That’s over 409,000 pounds of goods that have been donated.

Domestic groups and organizations receiving goods include the following: Central Care Mission, STAR Family Center, Salvation Army Adult Re-hab Center, Salvation Army Men’s and Woman’s Shelter, Christian Service Center, Covenant House, Help Now of Osceola, Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless, First Baptist Church of Bastrop, TX, and Operation Christmas Child Gift Box by Crossroads Community Church in Sparks, MD.

International groups and organizations receiving goods include the following: Clean the World’s Direct Haiti Distribution, Cap Haitien Health Network, World Vision, Harvest Time International (domestic and international), Floating Doctors, Sanctuary of Praise Ministry sending to Freeport, Bahamas, and a medical mission sending Lesotho, South Africa.

Your financial and gifts in kind donations of soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and other hotel amenities are LIFE SAVING and Clean the World is making sure they are getting into the hands of the organizations, groups, missions and, most importantly, PEOPLE who need them most.

You keep it coming and we’ll stay focused on the cause and continuing telling you all about it!!!


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