International House New Orleans ON BOARD with a Busy Clean the World !!

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My apologies for being absent the past few days… Keeping up with the Clean the World blog on a frequent, even daily basis is indeed challenging. The time to blog is one major component of course but the biggest challenge at Clean the World revolves around how much we have going on!

It is amazing how much is happening right now. Individuals continue to email with support and inquiries on how they can help. We have new hotel partners joining the program every day and countless inquiring on a weekly basis. We are in a number of partnership discussions with great organizations and corporations that want to help be a part of changing history- one soap bar and bottle of shampoo at a time!
Stay tuned as have a number of exciting announcements to make over the next few weeks.
In the middle of so much happening, I thought it is a great time to spotlight one of our newest Hospitality Partners: International House in New Orleans, LA.

In the spirit of so much happening, International House fits perfectly. A quick review of their web site at http://www.ihhotel.com/index.html describes an incredibly beautiful and eventful property in the heart of New Orleans, just blocks from the French Quarter. You must take a moment to visit their home page and checkout the wonderful pictures of their property.

One of the most unique features of the International House is their commitment to honoring and showcasing the incredible history and diversity of New Orleans. Within the properties decor and in an open celebration with their guest, International House describes the various and unique rituals you will find throughout the year here: http://www.ihhotel.com/rituals.html

And now they can add another unique feature. They are 1 of 100 properties across the United States Saving Lives and Saving our Planet through the recycling of the partially used, slightly reduced bars of soap and bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. They are the first in New Orleans! In addition to honoring the history and culture of New Orleans, which has a large Haitian community, International House is also support the country of Haiti which is in desperate need of these life saving amenities.

Do me a favor- the next time you visit New Orleans. Stop by or stay at the International House and thank them for their commitment to Clean the World and Saving Lives.


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