Intercontinental Tampa Joins CTW Family

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We are back after a short break. What an impactful blog written by Paul Till. I was in the room when Paul delivered the depiction of a mother losing her child to diarrheal disease. Paul incredibly brought the entire room to the scene as we witnessed the travesty. If you have not read the blog yet, please do so.

Did you know that 20% of children deaths under the age of 5 worldwide occur to acute respiratory illness and diarrheal disease? Diarrheal disease has now moved into the #2 spot for child deaths under the age of 5. Compare that to only 2% that die due to HIV/ AIDS. This is not meant to diminish the AIDS deaths but 10 times more die to diseases preventable by bar soap!!!

And so our opportunity to Change History becomes so much more impactful. There is no doubt that we can do this and that we must do this. The hospitality industry has already given an incredible response- a resounding “YES” to joining Clean the World on our mission to save our planet and to save millions of lives through the collection, recycling and re-distribution of partially used hotel soap and shampoo. These products are distributed domestically to those hurting at home and abroad to those dying to disease.

We are so happy to announce another hospitality partner that has joined the CTW family on our historic mission. The Intercontinental Tampa joins several West Florida properties that have recently joined Clean the World’s Hospitality Recycling Program.

The Intercontinental Tampa is a Four Diamond Award property owned and operated by Destination Hotels & Resorts. Remember the name Destination Hotels & Resorts as they are joining our program almost every week. They are truly committed to Saving Lives and Saving our Planet and we plan on featuring them soon as well.

From the moment you enter the spacious, airy lobby, you will be greeted by our professional and gracious staff. The InterContinental Tampa hotel offers a truly distinctive and warm hospitality experience to all guests, paired with the amenities and services expected by the most discerning travelers.

Intercontinental Tampa is Tampa’s premier, business hotel located in the Westshore business district. Five miles from downtown and the Tampa Convention Center, it features all the luxurious and necessities the business men and women desire. In the surrounding Tampa area, guest can golf the beautiful Southern Hills Plantation Club or enjoy some down time the Lowry Park Zoo or the Florida Aquarium. If you want exceptional service and a sophisticated styled hotel in Tampa, FL, this is where you stay.

As far as dining goes, look no further than Shula’s steakhouse. Having dined at Shula’s in the past , I can truly attest to the experience at Shula’s. The atmosphere is wonderful, the service is excellent and the steaks are incredible.

View their very professional web presence here: http://www.intercontampa.com/  

This is what it’s all about. A property with sophistication and a commitment to excellence is now participating in a program that is committed to Changing History. With so many professionals making short stays at the property, it just makes so much sense to prevent their soap bars and shampoo bottles from hitting Tampa’s beautiful land, instead being repurposed and delivered to those that need them!

We are so grateful and appreciative of their commitment. Thank you Intercontinental Tampa for adding Clean the World to your list of exceptional property features.

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