NY Show Update and the First CTW Partner from Tampa, FL…

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Monday morning in the Big Apple and the weather is awesome. High’s in the 60’s today and sunny. Yesterday was a great day at the show. Marietta Corp has been extremely gracious and a wonderful partner allowing Clean the World to make their booth home. It was my pleasure to meet Ray and Steven, new to the Marietta team, and CEO Don for the first time. As always Melissa is a dear friend and wonderful champion for Clean the World, constantly introducing us to friends and partners, and telling our story. And our partnership is officially- official! In 2010, hotels will have an opportunity to buy a new twist on an exidting amenity line- Pro Terra has officially merged with Clean the World. More details on this new line as it rolls out but this opporutunity will place the CTW logo and message on approximately 13 million bars of soap and bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Incredible!

I also met with individuals from Rational, Victory and Torrey, all interested in possibly donating old or used equipment to Clean the World necessary to run our recycling facilities. Sweet!

A number of meetings occurred with sanitization and eco-conscious organizations, as well as independent and national brand hotel executives. Great stuff!

Today, we have meetings lined up with two non-profits that may be possible partners with Clean the World in the future. Working together with other charitable organizations focused on helping others and saving lives…. What an awesome thought!

And a special thank you for the wonderful dinner and time spent with Kathie and Adam last night. Kathie, CEO of Gilchrist & Soames had some wonderful ideas for ways to partner with Clean the World. We are so excited to continue those discussions in the coming days and weeks.

And here is a GREAT way to start what will be a WONDERFUL WEEK! We are so pleased to welcome the Hampton Inn & Suites in Tampa, Florida located in Ybor City to the Clean the World Hospitality Partner family. Located in the historic and extremely fun Ybor City, we recommend a fun and late night on the town in Ybor City, and then a safe and comfortable stay at a CTW partner hotel committed to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives! Check them out here: http://www.hamptoninn.com/en/hp/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=TPAYBHX . And what a great distinction- The Hampton Inn & Suites in Tampa- Ybor City is our very first CTW Recycling partner hotel in Tampa, Florida. Congratulations and Thank You for leading the way!

Have a great week… more to come from NY soon!


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