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Day three in New York and what an amazing Hotel and Restaurant Show! I had a number of wonderful meetings yesterday once again. From high ranking hotel executives to other wonderful non-profits that recycle hotel soap and ensure used bottled amenities are distributed to homeless shelters, the discussions were extremely positive.

One topic that was extremely prevalent and most interesting focused on a Clean the World line or brand of retail soap and shampoo. Similar to the TOMS Shoes model, where an individual who buys a pair of shoes guarantees that another pair is given to a child in need, Clean the World is embarking on the same concept. So what if when you shopped at a retailer such as Target or CVS or Whole Foods, you could purchase a wonderfully scented, all natural bar of soap that ensured for every single purchase of that bar, Clean the World would recycle and distribute 10 bars of soap to an impoverished country to Save Lives? Or for every bottle of shampoo purchased, 10 smaller bottles of shampoo would not be discarded into a landfill, but instead given to a woman’s or men’s shelter in the United States? I think we are on to something here… More on this subject to come soon!

Our ability to recycle soap and potentially offer an individual at a retail store to help our cause stems from one incredible group- all the Clean the World Recycling Hospitality Partners. It’s their commitment to Saving our Planet and Saving Lives that makes this all possible. And today, the family became a little bigger and the commitment was made stronger as the Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center located in Florham Park, New Jersey, joined the CTW family.

About an hour outside of New York City and minutes from one of my favorite airports, Newark International, this 219 room property just underwent a $10 million renovation. They tout beautifully manicured lawns and gardens throughout the property and as we viewed the photo gallery, every single photo presented vibrant colors and shapes inside and outside of the property. And isn’t it appropriate that our very first property in New Jersey, the Garden State, features such beautiful grounds! Weddings, conferences and now recycling their hotel soap and shampoo to Save Lives are what Hamilton Park Hotel is all about. Check them out here: http://www.hamiltonparkhotel.com/ and make sure you book with them on your next visit to NJ or email and let them know how happy you are that they are a part of the Clean the World family.

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