Partner Showcase Europe: Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam – Long-Term Clean the World Partner and Example of Modern-Day Hospitality

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In the heart of Amsterdam lies the Conservatorium Hotel, a five-star hotel that stands as a superb example of modern-day hospitality with deep roots in sustainable practices.

Since 2018, the 129-room establishment is a proud partner of Clean the World. This case study delves into the journey between the Conservatorium Hotel and Clean the World, highlighting the hotel’s outstanding contributions, impact, and commitments to sustainability and how the Conservatorium Hotel feels Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program supports them in achieving their sustainability goals.

‘’Clean the World allows us to contribute to a greener industry. I find it personally important to give back to nature and societies alike. I am happy we here at Conservatorium Hotel participate in the program. As executive housekeeper, I am proud to see our colleagues feel empowered to contribute as we have managed to recycle a vast amount of soap bars and guest amenities over the past few years.

Commitment to Sustainability 

The hotel’s sustainability management plan outlines six key commitments, all supported by Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program. These commitments include reducing energy consumption, reducing water usage, recycling and waste management, community, people, and impact.

The Conservatorium Hotel is a frontrunner in advocating sustainability, implementing various sustainable solutions to support its objectives. The hotel’s sustainable solutions include a Green Globe platinum certification, supporting the platform Chooose to offset carbon footprint emissions, and partnering with Clean the World to recycle their in-room soap and plastic bottle amenities waste.

Why Partner with Clean the World?

When asked about the reasons for participating in Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program, the Hotel Manager of the Conservatorium Hotel, Gali Ben Shanan, shared,

“At the Conservatorium Hotel, we recognise our responsibility to protect our environment and communities. Therefore, we are committed to operating in a sustainable way while creating a memorable experience for our guests and ensuring opportunities and creating empowerment among our colleagues.

Gali Ben Shanan, Hotel Manager, Conservatorium Hotel

As a hotel, we promote environmentally sound initiatives; our collaboration with Clean the World allows us to continuously reduce our waste and decrease the amount of landfill waste. Since 2018, we have successfully been able to recycle our guest’s soap bars and bottled amenities. We actively empowered our colleagues to contribute to our recycling initiatives and are very proud to contribute to a greener environment and support local communities across the globe. We are keen on continuously supporting goals alike to improve our sustainable operations and management; Clean the World plays an important role in this, I believe.”

Impact on Clean the World’s Global Hospitality Recycling Program 

The Conservatorium Hotel’s commitment to sustainability is backed by tangible results
through Clean the World’s impact reporting system, which is verified and supported by Greenview. This system helps the Conservatorium Hotel, alongside all of Clean the World’s over 8,300 global partners, track, measure, and record its impact through Clean the World’s refreshed Customer Portal. The hotel fully utilizes the Global Hospitality Recycling Program, recycling soap bars and plastic bottled amenities.

Since 2018, the Conservatorium Hotel has achieved significant environmental and social impact through the program, including:

  • Collecting 5,640 kg (12,434 lbs) of waste, including 2,307 kg (5,086 lbs) of soap and 3,333 kg (7,348 lbs) of plastic bottle amenities

  • Recycling 3,197 kg (7,048 lbs) of plastic

  • Supporting over 4,790 people

  • Contributing to the distribution of 41,210 bars of soap

  • A carbon footprint reduction of 3,153 kg (6,951 lbs) of CO2e

  • Conserving 64,140 liters (16,944 gallons) of water

  • Diverting 1,185 kg (2,612 lbs) of total waste from landfills, contributing to the circular economy, and supporting the City of Amsterdam’s mission to be net zero by 2050
  • Supporting 521 hygiene kit builds

A Showcase for Other Hotels in Amsterdam to Follow

The Conservatorium Hotel’s partnership with Clean the World serves as an admirable example for other hotels in Amsterdam and beyond to follow suit and implement sustainable solutions to drive impact and become a mindful participating members of their local communities.

With the evidence-backed impact of its sustainability efforts, the Conservatorium Hotel sets a standard for environmental responsibility to the rest of the hospitality industry globally.

If you are a hotel interested in learning more about Clean the World’s program, please contact us at europe@cleantheworld.org.

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